Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Vegetius, Jul 16, 2005.

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  1. Hello.

    I've decided to take up a new hobby that challenges my macho, insensitive image and makes people see me in a new light.

    So I thought I'd give cross-dressing a go and obviously the NAAFI seems to me to be the ideal place to start (couldn't find a RM forum to ask in BTW).

    I'm a generously-built, six-foot-plus man of seventeen stone in his late thirties. My hair is cropped to a stylish grade two - three. I get stubble and have a prominent Adam's apple. Saying that, I reckon I've got fcuking gorgeous legs and would look great in a pair of size eleven Manolo Blahnik slingbacks.

    So, some advice would be most welcome. For starters, what name should I adopt for my new girly alter-ego? What sort of wig? Are Gypsy dresses still fashionable and would any other ARRSERs care to join me in the Bentall's Centre next weekend to do some shopping?

    I'm looking forward to this new adventure and welcome your comments and (especially) support.


  2. Concerning names, you come across as a definate Talula Kabuche to me.

    As for support, if you want to dress as a woman, and be fancied by men you should really just be a gayer. You'll save a fortune on makeup.

  3. Vera or Veronica?

    I would suggest you try and woo RT-style, in a "Little French Dress". Guaranteed to score.
  4. Mini skirt and suspenders is a must, and call yourself something classy like mavis the man eater..
  5. No no no, everyone knows that the Drag Queen's name is a corruption of their real name.
  6. Ooooh, looks like you've got help Veg. The Gooooooogle ads at the bottom will supply you with "Frilly, Sissy Panties"!
  7. sorry in that case how about vegeater
  8. Or how about some:

    Hosiery For Men
    Plus Size Stockings & Pantyhose Feminine panties & hosiery for men.

    Google-ads rock!
  9. I'm taking far too much of an interest in this topic for my own good.
  10. My new hobby will not involve dating men. I remain a rampant hetero tiger, just in a little black dress. They may look (who could blame them) but they can't touch.

  11. I think you have to go for a name that brings an exotic image to mind.....


    And you MUST have a female go shopping with you, there's nothing more annoying than seeing the cross dressers in my local super market with tennis balls for tits rammed into an ill fitting bra that rests just under their Adams Apple!

    Go for classic line outfits that suit your age and remember, unless you're a full blood Scandinavian the chances of being platinum blonde are very slim so go for a nice full wig with hair near your own colour.

    If your hair on your head is to short for the wigmaker to get a good match flash your pubes and say two shades lighter! Best wigmakers in the world are religious Jewish ones, they use real hair and you can get it cut and styled after it's been woven.

    Oh one last thing unless you ask for more, 6" heels are not designed to be walked in, EVER!

    Have fun! Beebs x
  12. ^ At least BBC understands.

    I think my girly name will be "Dave" for the time being. My initial fashion ensemble will be a very tight leopard skin top, wonderbra and denim mini skirt. I can't find size eleven girly shoes at the minute, so I'm going to wear my old Boots, Combat, High and green woolly army socks for that Avril Levigne "SK8R Boi" look. What do you think?

  13. This look will only work if you wear striped tights as well.


  14. Have you considered transferring to the Royal Marines,where dressing up in womens clothing is not considered particularly odd,and in fact,under certain circumstances,is actively encouraged.Marines who have fat arses and dress in female attire 24/7,used to be titled WRENS.