Cross Dressing within the Corps...

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by g2_loony_bin, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. Eyes have been blacked out for dignity and blackmail purposes... :plotting:

    Edited even further at the shame of doing this to a mate!

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  2. CRmeansCeilingReached

    CRmeansCeilingReached LE Moderator

    i think that person is instantly recognisable. ergo, he undoubtedly stole those clothes. :)
  3. milsum

    milsum Crow

    I have something quite similar (in barbed wire), but actually it looks better on him. :hungry:
  4. jim4244

    jim4244 Old-Salt

    Cross Dressing within the Corps... Is this aspect not a requirement for a long and distinguished career then?
  5. Don't know mate. Why don't you ask the Director and the Corps RSM that? I'm quite sure they would be more than happy to oblige!

  6. Did I miss something here? Bugger...
  7. CRmeansCeilingReached

    CRmeansCeilingReached LE Moderator

    dont worry ill email the pic to you :)
  8. jim4244

    jim4244 Old-Salt

    Do you have their phone numbers?

  9. jim4244

    jim4244 Old-Salt

    Or cup sizes??
  10. CRmeansCeilingReached

    CRmeansCeilingReached LE Moderator

    this from an ex-booty :)

    we had several booties on the squadron during my pilots course. they used to go to charity shops and shop for womens clothes - not for any specific function, but "just in case"...

    G2LB, you started the bloody thread, so stop biting :)
  11. So calling someone a cunt is biting???

    You've changed...

    (See first post)
  12. jim4244

    jim4244 Old-Salt took the bait hook line and sinker!

    Who's the cnut now?

    LOL ;)
  13. CR has done the pilots course? He kept that quiet.............
  14. jim4244

    jim4244 Old-Salt

    When were you at Wallop CR?
  15. Fuck me! He's a pilot!?!?! Is that why he's a flyer? Ba-doom tish...