cross dressing how far do you take it?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by MUTTSNUTTS, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. The other night i went out for a social gathering to celebrate a birthday with an old pal of mine who turned up to my suprize as a chick taking into mind his strange persona i accepted it and moved on.

    my question is do you shake his hand or admire how good he looks as a girl?

    the man in question who will no doubt read this so 'hats off' as he has the crystals to do it i suspect lady stella play a part in making up his mind

    heres to you
  2. Nowt wrong with a bit of tranny bashing,

    Did you do him?
  3. I've dressed up as a women for a fancy dress do. I think blokes look funny in lady kit, tattoos, hairy chest etc.

    I saw some pics of myself from said party and thought I looked pretty hot actually. :oops:
  4. NO TV bashing hadnt got that drunk but i did notice how many men in the club where willing to flirt with him?? strange i suspect a repressed homo fantasy in some of the guys good chatting up point for the girls in the place though he had more incommon in drag i guess(chatting about stockings etc)
  5. If his names M**k F******n, he's been doing it for years, even though he's a red blooded hetero fanny magnet.
    Personally, I'm a live and let live/whatever gets you through the night, kinda guy, if you like the feeling of something frilly and diaphanous around your spuds, then crack on.
  6. Last time i dressed in drag, i scored 42 points in one evening (SI University points system).

    In short, your mate is onto something big... women can't resist a bloke in a dress.

  7. I burst into a toilet dressed in full lace webbing to find three skinheads writing their names in the urinal. They looked at me as if I were a'gonna... until I was followed by the rest of the coach - 52 other trannies - most officers, or potential fly-babies from Shriv (honest to God) on the way to the last night of the Rocky Horror Show.

    They backed into the corner faster than you could say First 15... understandable i suppose 'cos I don't think any of us looked as hot as Morty.
  8. Did he look something like this?

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  9. I used to be a man and my wife a woman. Nothing wrong with that,
  10. all highly valued points agreed i see this did make him noticed by the birds in the club even if he was not noticing well done and crack on again i say.

    must remember to do it my self when i get the need to find a woman maybe.
  11. Is he a Royal Marine? If so it's ok, thats common rig for the off duty Booty. If he is not then start to worry, especially if he responds to being called Gloria or Princess :wink:
  12. That's what Mrs TS said to me when I went to her local WI dinner in Highland Dress - she told them all I was her aunty Ethel! :D
  13. there. is. no. explanation. for. that.