Cross Dominant Shooting - Does it Affect Training?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by AlphaKennyThing, Oct 20, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I sincerely apologise if this has been done before - the search button just revealed lots of articles about Barack Obama(?) for some reason.

    Basically when I was a wee laddy I had a minor squint in my right eye and had to wear a patch and stuff. This was when I was like 4.

    Ever since, might left eye has been a lot more dominant than my right. I'm right handed, and feel totally at home shooting right handed, but I've spent my teenage years shooting left handed because without standing and aiming for a good few seconds I couldn't hit a barn door with a shotgun right handed.

    It's annoying. I've been practicing, I've had an eye test and was told my vision in both eyes is absolutely fine, but my left eye is definitely el capitano. When I go to shoot right handed at stationary targets, I'm not bad, but have to close my left eye. When it comes to moving targets, because I have to have my left eye closed, I have no depth of field and therefore miss.

    Like a twat.

    Anyone know if this will cause me to have epic failure during phase 1? Figured there must be other people who are left eye dominant in the world and who use SA80s and are in the army.

    Any help/feedback greatly appreciated!
  2. I've shot all my life, right handed, with a left eye dominance issue (that I only recently found out when shooting clays). You'll be fine. You can also re-train your right eye to be dominant by putting a patch over your left eye.
  3. Many thanks Albert, puts my mind at ease a little!

    Just have to see how I get on. :)
  4. I'm left-handed and fired the SLR right handed for years as that's what everyone else did. When I saw someone shooting left-handed it looked odd, then we got the SA80 and couldn't fire it left-handed anyway. Nobody asked if anyone was left-handed.
  5. While looking thoroughly cadish.