cross country running fixtures

hi just wondering if some one could point me in the right direction,

Always been into my x-country (never any good but i make you other blokes feel better about yourselves) and i just been posted over to the south from BFG. I am not serving with an army unit though so there is no rep to baby sit me and take me to the races.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to get onto a mailing list for event fixtures so I could tip up and enter myself in as a guest whenever i get the time (no chance of forming a team)

Try this.

Much more enjoyable than flogging your arrse round a mind numbing route.

Also has details on some normal running events and some mountain bike events.
If you are a long way from an Army unit then I would recommend getting into the German running (lauf) network. They have some very well organised races (some with cash prizes!). They also do league fixtures as well. If you go to one you'll find adverts for other races there. It helps to have a german speaker who can fill in entry forms and get directions though.


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