Cross Country Run for Help For Heroes


I'm looking for sponsors to encourage a good performance from me in a seven mile cross country race I have entered on 17th October.

I have been training and have lost loads of weight, but I'm still well off being fit. We're expecting an entry of around one thousand in the race, most of whom will be club runners, many of them less than half my age.

I know we all get tons of requests for all sorts, and I know that many of you already donate heavily to this cause and many other good causes, but if you already do your bit, I don't mind if you limit yourself to a couple of quid. If you haven't got round to putting your hand in your pocket recently, then bung me a few quid. I'll do all the running for you, you can just sit back on your sofa, crack open another beer, and feel good that you've done your bit to help!

The link to my sponsorship page is: Bmycharity - Huw Jones - Online fundraising - Help for Heroes
I dont really give much to help for heroes these days but seeing as its you and I owe you one then I suppose I must:)

I will chuck in £20 tomorrow when I get paid.
I'll chuck in a few sheckels when I get me redundancy money tomorrow.
T'is a foolish thing, all this running
Many thanks to taboo and mac-uk for their kind promises.

And many thanks to taboo for trying to motivate people both here and elsewhere on the internet.

For anyone else you can go online and give the tiniest amount you want. I know it's hard times but a couple of quid wouldn't make a huge difference to you, would it? But a few lots of a couple of quid will provide more help where its needed.

I'm doing the run on Sunday. That's this Sunday. That's only 5 days away.

P.S. to all those who have offered contributions but not yet provided them ... I know who you are!

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