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Discussion in 'Travel' started by luke, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. Any recommendations or horror stories for/of getting over the English channel?

    I'll be doing drive back to the UK from Germany in October and almost certainly taking the ferry over, how do the prices compare when you book early or just turn up and pay? Is the channel tunnel pretty much a no-go unless you are loaded?

    And most importantly of all, considering my driving, what happens if I turn up late?!
  2. I have been away from Germany since 2003 and used the chunnel a few times. If its still the same pre book on night time, early morning trains and its cheaper. However if you get a normal crossing and arrive early then I was allowed to get on an earlier crossing, I arrived about 4 minutes before a bloke I knew, passed him on the motorway and he ended up on a crossing a few hours later :D . Speak to Dick Turpin (O Girkes) who will sort you out the latest deals.

    I prefered Rottedam - Hull for the p*ss up on the night time and only 25 minutes drive to Scunthorpe on this side. :pissed:
  3. on forcestravel you can get a one way on p&o ferries for £45. Channel tunnel is slightly more expensive but very much faster and conveniant
  4. Cheers...but I don't like the way you refer to O'Girkes as Dick Turpin! Are they overpriced?!
  5. Go Norfolk Line...cheapest by far. DON'T TOUCH O'GIRKES
  6. I have used forcestravelcentre to book in the past and found that usually they beat publicly available deals.
  7. Tunnel is without doubt the best and can be cheap if you buy a day return but only use the trip one way.
  8. I know of some people who did this regular from Germany when travelling back once a month. The Authorities got the wind of this because they check VRN's and they were in a lot of sh*t when they tried to get over again. Not to sure of the outcome but travel agents in Germany warned people off doing it when I was there because of the legal problems. Dont know if anyone can elaborate on it more or heard of this problem.
  9. Whereabouts in Germany are you driving from?
  10. I heard of this also.

    Something along the lines of if you didn't make the return journey (they make you pay by card) the space cannot be used because you have booked, they will then bill you again for the cost of another journey?

    Something like that.
  11. Elmpt (near JHQ)

    edit: and I'm going to the west country so Clogland to Hull is probably a bad option
  12. Shame you weren't able to book it sooner. I've saved the most money when I had a reasonable amount of notice to book it.
  13. Just got a quote from forces travel of €89, which is cheaper than the £75 I found earlier, cheers! :D
  14. I know im adding this rather late but thought id post it up anyway for future reference. Cheapest way (ive found) of crossing the channel is Speed Ferries, runs from Dover to Boulogne using a fast cat, you can quite easily get a return for £40.

    I also use LD Lines from Portsmouth, £120 (or there abouts) for a return still aint bad, only 1 saileg each way per day though. It leaves Portsmouth @ 23:00 and gets to Le Harve @ 08:00 (french time) so lets you get your head down, goes from le Harve @ 17:00 and gets in @ 22:30 (uk time). Hope that might help anybody out in the future