Cross Channel Migrant Issue

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It's the Guardian; they're desperate to flood the UK with potential Labour voters.

The aim of the Guardian and it's friend on the left, the Independent is to turn Britain into either a one-party Peoples Democratic Republic, or an Islamic State with Sharia law.


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According to this article in today´s Garuniad, people smugglers have lowered their prices, and are packing more passengers into boats since the Rwanda plan was announced.

One Syrian asylum seeker told the Guardian that the smugglers had dropped their prices dramatically. “Before it was £3,000 or £4,000 to cross. Now the top price is £1,200 and some asylum seekers are negotiating a price of as little as £500 to cross. Everyone can afford to cross these days. Some asylum seekers are saying to smugglers, ‘Why should I pay you £4,000 to go to the UK when I might end up in Rwanda? I will pay you £500’. Then a deal is struck.”

They’ll be teaming up with Ryanair next
Khan moving likely non-Labour voters out of Londonistan to make way for more immigrants?,

I can see why some people would like to move out of London, but how many Council Houses are we talking here?
I thought most London council houses got sold of cheap to Housing Authorities/Charities.

I feel this is less about providing a happy retirement to poor old Londoners and everything about off setting future liabilities to other parts of England.
OAP's are expensive and don't generate much tax revenue.
Much better for Khan to have young people in his kingdom, generating revenue for him.

It could be worse, he could be going full Logan's Run on council tenants!!!
It's the Guardian; they're desperate to flood the UK with potential Labour voters.
Not far from the beach yesterday.



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That is one of the reasons, the normal man in the street seem ok but the politicians keep sniping at each other, accusing the algerian govt helping seperatists in the old Spanish Sahara amongst other things.

snip "Morocco annexed Western Sahara in 1975 and in response Algeria has kept its border with Morocco closed for decades."
You seem to know a lot about Algeria! Were any Redcaps there, please?


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Can we hope at one stage there will be nothing in it and the smugglers will move on to something else?

Can’t see that happening. I read a piece yesterday which basically said if you think it’s now, just waiting til the global slowdown in the economy kicks in, and if you think that bad, just wait til the oil starts to dry up in the Arab states.

Coming your way soon……..
You seem to know a lot about Algeria! Were any Redcaps there, please?

I know little except what Ipicked up from press & books over the years but a fair bit about Morocco as I lived there for several years until my health declined & I returned to UK!
Bloody health tourist's!

After paying tax & NI from the age of 15 until I was forced to retire at 63, but still pay tax on my private pensions income, I hardly think so!!
When you consider my ex wife who is only 2 yrs younger than me and paid tax & NI here up to the age of 60, had to go private for a hip replacement op (courtesy of our eldest son in the States,who forked out c. £20k for it) & it takes me hours to get through to my GP to get a prescription, forget face to face appointments or god forbid a home visit, OUR NHS is sadly letting us down badly, due to years of inviting most of the third world & eastern Europe in, who use it freely, most of whom have never paid a penny into it!!
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That'll be a Monkey Pox vector then.
Don't worry, that's where the NHS steps in and takes care of those who arrived without, any health screening, security assessments, or any means to support themselves. Just focus on the shouty narcissists carrying banners

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