Cross Channel Migrant Issue

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Any update on the number of recent un-invited arrivals at Dover?

199 yesterday.... 167 day before...
Source -

But @Snowy. is mistaken - 167 yesterday the 14th of May

However these figures are only the daily logs of those detected in small boats, ‘fuller’ statistics are published on a quarterly basis here:

GB News reporting 8000 so far this year.
50 migrants are set to be deported to Rwanda next week.
Not if the leeches Hard working concerned legal bods get their way, papers today saying over 50% already have banged in high court or whatever appeals, amazing how people who arrive with no ID or means can get legal representation of the class the majority of tax payers could only dream of......
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They have had about two years to draft the law and it has been debated in both houses three times.
If lawyers can still run rings around it, that might be an indication of the quality of legal minds that gain access to governmental office.
SKY News now running an item with Civil Servants saying they are ashamed to work in the Home office due to the Rwanda policy.

Time for a new job then
The PCS are doing this and they do NOT represent the views of frontline personnel.

I have previously worked in both Sheffield and Liverpool offices of the Home Office. They are both packed with Labour voters, with large numbers of Corbyn supporters and Tory haters.

However, working for more than a few weeks there exposes you to the reality of immigration - the Guardian regularly accuses the Home Office of institutional racism. It isn’t, and you don’t have to be racist to work there, but it will make you into one.

I am sure if the PCS talked to those at the coal face then views not dissimilar to some stated on ARRSE would be voiced, including use of trebuchet and wood-chippers. There is only so many times you can see EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of a single demographic (a very large proportion of our immigrant population) not paying ANY income tax, and the low rate of NICs whilst also claiming maximum Tax Credits - and with a total income higher than yours slogging it full time whilst they are only doing 26hours a week - without having a minor melt down.


While I'm on the subject of T.V. and migrants

Why is it 5 minutes after some charity / Refugee rights specialist tell us the reason they come here is because they speak the language the phrase "speaking through and interpreter" is used.

They've an Iranian on telling how he will be executed if he's sent back to Iran

But not Rwanda which is handy

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