Cross Channel Migrant Issue

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Of course they can .
I often carry my Martingale machete, a folding Silky, a couple of useful knives to unzip a Roe / Fallow / Sika .

You must have Just Cause.
( and a fcuking good Lawyer to support you which is why you pay eg BASC Membership

Are you an aspiring DJ, Footballer or top student?
That's because there are no benefits to immigration, especially the "brown people and Muslims" that you refer to. Non-European migrants have proven to be a major economic burden in whatever European doninated societies they migrate to, so you can't even make the phony economic argument.

That's without even going into all the social and cultural issues that go with importing mass numbers of racially and culturally alien peoples.

I refer you to the previous comments about controlled immigration. Bring in those who benefit our nation.
It's embarrassing that people are still mindlessly parroting the "do the jobs our people won't" line without even having the awareness that they're just regurgitating very old propaganda used to justify cheap imported labour.

Our people will and can do these jobs and always did do them.

Except they won't. Benefit culture has become so ingrained, people would rather sit on their arrse, doing nothing, than take care of their family.

Activists have sparked fury after putting up 'safety at sea' posters in a Dunkirk migrant camp for people attempting to cross the English Channel.

The posters, written in a variety of languages, advised migrants to 'stay seated' in crossing boats and 'point' to anyone who falls in the water.

They are thought to have been put up by activists working for the Watch The Channel group. A QR code on the poster links to the group's website.

Pointing at anyone overboard was something I was taught on a fleet tender (mumble) years ago.
These weren’t Labour Party rules. They were EU rules!

We joined the EU in 1973. Edward Heath was the prime Minister of the UK.

What a laugh!!!
No we did not we joined the EEC not the EU, which I think emerged at Maastricht and Mr Bliar promised a vote on and then changed his mind.
Ah, I see, its all Maggie's fault and the evil Tories. Do you do a bit of writing for the Guardian as well?
If she was in favour of it, it's entirely possible she would have done the same as Blair. For the same reasons, different reasons, who knows? Whether Thatcher wanted Poland/Bulgaria/whatever E Europeans on offer for labour, culture, cooking, buffers against USSR, same thing as Blair.
Exactly. With the minimum wage in place, an employer has absolutely no incentive to employ foreign labour because there is no such thing as ‘cheap’ foreign labour.

Suggesting that big business persuaded the government to throw open the borders to save money is just silly and tin foil territory.

Not really. You're implying everyone complies. When younger,and even more stupid, I worked for people who would charge £50 a day, and pay £12. Farmers were hoovering up the staff.


Trouble with the Minimum Wage is you need people to check it & enforce it.
Pretty easily dodged with ignorant workers, especially if you can pay cash & make deductions for 'services' transport, housing, admin.
Tiny companies yes, but I can’t see that a national house builder for example is found to risk the fine and the loss of reputation that would entail.
The thing was that after six months they were entitled to familly tax credits, housing benefits, child allowances, etc etc. The British tax payer was subsidising employers paying the minimun wages to foreign workers. And they still wonder why Brexit happened? Labour - the party of the working class. What a laugh.

There was a theory expounded years ago by Richard Littlejohn that after the British white working class voted for Thatcher in droves in the 1980s, it was decided by Labour that once back in power, the British working class would be replaced by an imported one.

Subsequent events have shown this theory to not be entirely untrue.

This in turn has led to the red wall up north collapsing, and Brexit.

Should Labour ever regain power, expect the importation of even more immigrants.