Crooks in the Lords will be expelled

It would have been more believeable if some of the crooks in Cleggs own party weren't quickly returned to senior positions within the government, following a period of backbench perdour. For the smaller party they seem to have a large number of MP's and Peers who have been involved in criminality.


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I don't believe the police were ever involved in Warsi's expenses controversy. It was all glossed over.

Harold Wilson's chum Lord Kagan, and Lord Archer both went to jug and came back to strut their stuff in the Lords afterwards.

Meanwhile, as in my post above, Cleggy may froth all he likes but he doesn't have clean hands.
Clegg 'pledges' to get them expelled does he? He's got great form for honouring pledges

He might have well said, "They'll get a Chinese-Wristburn and it'll bloody well hurt ya'know!"
I always new Clegg was a "good un" when he signed up to and also got all of his party to sign up to not increasing student loans. Now there goes a man of his word I thought!

I know he will perform just as admirably over this scandal involving the less than noble Lords.
Would any MP's get really get heavy with the great Parliament retirement home?

Those Carlton/Reform Club's fee's won't pay themselves you know


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while cleggy was trying to push his useless lords reform through, there was allready a much better lib dem proposal from David Steel which would have got rid of the crooks, super elderly and stopped bought seats by big donors.

it would have culled the lords by around a third and slapped the rest into shape.

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