Croc Monday?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Apr 10, 2013.

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  1. Following on from the various tit/nipple Monday threads - any predictions for men wearing Crocs?
  2. Yes. Come the revolution they will all be treated as enemies of the state and raped by actual crocodiles... If I have my way.

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  3. Predictions for men wearing Crocs?

    A hideous death from some form of mutated toe fungus hopefully.
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  4. I have to come clean........................I have a pair of (genuine) Crocs. :-\\\\

    They came in very handy last year at the mudfest known as 'The War and Peace Show',where for the first 2 days it resembled the Somme,tractors were towing vendors vans onto their sites,and it was generally a bit muddy.

    Suffice to say,all the clever sods had bought their wellies,it was however rather warm (yeah really),so they ended up wandering around on a hot sunny day in wellies,I on the other hand was wandering around in shorts,a t shirt,and my Crocs,not worrying about getting a bootfull of muddy water,just wander straight through (rather a nice sensation),and took all the shortcuts. :woot:

    At the end of my wanderings,I went to the nearest tap,feet under it,washed all the mud,and dirt of,stretched out on my 'maggot' in the sun,10 minutes later,Crocs dry,and my feet are lovely and soft (mud is good for the skin,doncha know),when you need them they're handy,would I wear them as a 'fashion statement',not on your nelly. :giggle:

    Also use 'em when I go sailing too!

    They say 'confession is good for the soul',I'm about to find out,I await incoming! :mrgreen:
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  5. I'm with you sister! I can't wait to feel the sun on the top of my feet again!
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  6. Finally - a sensible thread.

    Crocs - fashion of the gods.
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  7. I pissed in those puddles...
  8. Your dyslekia was playing up again so fixed that for you.
  9. Wear Crocs? I lost a knacker, not had my bollocks chopped off, for fucks sake
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  10. Also excellent for going to and from shower blocks when camping. I dont use flip flops 'cos my feet fall out of them
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  11. Sailing ? - Do they float as well then ?