Croatian fugitive general seized

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Dec 8, 2005.

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  2. That's interesting, as the general consensus seemed to be that he was holed-up in a monastery in Croatia.
  3. Hmmm - I seem to remember that this was the loon that controlled one of the scroat Bdes during Op STORM when the scroat army went for a womble up the Livno valley. There were some fairly nasty reports that he and his people were malleting anything that moved.


    They eventually played all sorts of havoc with ARSK (Army of the Republic of Serbian Krajina): after this, UNMHO reckoned that they had 'lost' anything up to 100 000 Krajina Serbs.

    There are some natural questions: almost 6 years passed form alleged crimes and first indictment. Why? And as we see president Franjo Tudjman (died December 1999) was allegedly guilty too but never has been charged. Why?

    But why something that was not regarded as a crime 6 years ago now is a crime?

    The answer is a simple one. NATO (really USA) launched a war against Yugoslavia. But there were no mass graves in Kosovo, there were no deportations before the war. Milosevic's trial becomes endless. In this situation it was decided to use a smoke-screen: all possible war criminals were charged. It was made to show 'how fair we are' and to aprove indirectly baseless war, bombings, deaths of innocent civilians.

    Without war against Yugoslavia mr.Gotovina would live in peace and respected as a 'hero' in Croatia.