Criticism of Police Response

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Regalia, Aug 9, 2011.

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  1. It amazes me that people do not understand precisely how few police officers are available to deploy at a moment's notice during incidents like this.

    "There is nothing they can do". Actually there's plenty the police service can do, but the bleeding hearts wouldn't approve. Sending in "the army" would meet with similar dismay, but is inevitable by the look of things. Any pre-emptive police presence is denounced as oppressive and any subsequent response is "inadequate".

    There is far too much empathy from F*cking journalists toward the criminals, as if they don't already have a ridiculous sense of entitlement to do precisely as they please without let or hindrance. I'd gladly shoot them and then micturate on their mortals remains.

    Feel free to share your thoughts.
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  2. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    only because they all do the day shift when there's no crime as criticised by the watchdogs repeatedly.

    they cant win though as it isnt the 80s anymore and govt desperately wants to be popular and not the nasty tories.
  3. mobilise the TA
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  4. Glad I'm not in charge of this. Good luck to the police in trying to sort this out. They may be taking a pasting in places but at least they are going out there. I suspect there are some countries where they would all go and hide until morning.
  5. Good point, may be mistaken but isn't the main point of the TA to deal with situations at home such as bin invaded? Or this maybe? Might of made it up but it's my understanding.
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  6. Not on Sky News, from what I have been watching earlier.
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  7. Tough love is something to which the nation, once again, needs to become accustomed; feeling aggrieved does not mean either that a crime has been committed, nor that there is a valid grievance. Unfortunately, my chums in the youth service will be bleating, too, filling empty heads with semi-literate drivel because no-one may "judge" our little baa lambs, only encourage to grow and change.

    As for the Tories, it's way too late; they couldn't run a bath, fight sleep etc etc as they lost their cajones when they got rid of Old Iron Drawers, for all her faults that's one problem she didn't have.
  8. critical comments towards crims from property owners; journos complaining that "all" cops doing is blocking off street and evacuating residents, that they're not carrrying firefighting kit, always one step behind, need I go on?
  9. Main point ought to be that UK death by cop isn't routine; not even in circumstances like this. It ain't Bangkok and it ain't Tahrir Square and it certainly ain't Tripoli. Can you picture the scene?
  10. The Problem the Police have is that the British Public cannot make up their minds what they want a force or a service.
    One day a riot might kick off and the Police will react firmly and decisively but God forbid in the scuffle someone gets bonked or pushed over, People instantly start screaming "Heavy Handedness" "Police Brutality" "Nazi's" "Facists" "This is Britain not the Middle East". So the next time a march gets violent the Police trying to soften their image take a more softly softly aproach and as a result half of London gets smashed up and people start screaming "why didn't the Police do anything" "their useless".
    They just can't seem to realize that you can't have it both ways if you want riots to be put down quickly then the Police are going to have to be a bit rough that is generally what puts rioters off and if you want the Police to be soft then you have to accept that criminals running amok is the consequence.
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  11. Shame is, there was a similar thread on ARRSE a while back about how the Police are nothing but Nazi's. Funny how things change. Let the Police do their job for once.
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  12. Send in the cadets... We'll do a shoddy section attack and shout bang at them,but they'll respect us cause we're their age... At least 75% of us speak their language too.
  13. What f**king Police response!
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  14. Interesting take from a police officer's blog….

    "Many people are becoming very angry that we refuse to move our lines and baton charge the rioters. I have run around like a blue arsed fly trying to understand why we are being ordered to stay static; the only explanation I can find is that Gold Command are concerned about the sensitivity of the target group."
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  15. The ridiculous thing is that the BBC are suggesting that CMD can't take on heavy-handed tactics as it would be a bad move politically... which goes to show that Aunty has a tendency to go completely wooly-lefty in the face of all evidence.

    If there's a speech by Dave about how Plod will be using water cannon (or fire-engines, more likely... unless we can borrow some from the frogs?) and baton rounds and then the news shows the little shits getting a damn good shoing that it'll be by far the most popular thing he's ever done.

    Maggie didn't get popular again in '82 by inviting the Argies over for some fairtrade green tea and a discussion on how the Junta felt on British Colonialism and the ethno-centric... **** it, you get the idea.