Criticism of arrests points plan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mad_Moriarty, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. Ludicrous. "Will not be used to set targets" - my ar*e; remember the old adage 'what gets measured, gets managed'.

    Having read the welter of criticism for the Police on the thread about the lunatic motorcyclist, I am shocked at the clear loss of respect for the Police that has happened. As with any organisation, I have absolutely no doubt that there are workshy idlers within the Police 'Service', but you can all point to similar people within the Army. My suspicion is that the majority of Police Officers join for the right reasons and want to do their job.

    However, their position has been undermined to the extent that they must be totally demoralised, and even the good ones must question why they should bother. To start with, they became the 'Police Service', rather than the 'Police Force' - immediately downgrading them in the eyes of the public (and criminals in particular); they have been subject to huge increases in bureaucracy (a knee-jerk over-reaction to some over-zealous policing that had to be dealt with, but is now ham-stringing effective policing); a crown prosecution service and judiciary that repeatedly fail to deliver appropriate sentences to repeat offenders; political appointees at the highest level and now a vicious cycle of loss of respect from the public as a consequence of the foregoing!

    The Police need to be given more freedom, not less, and they need to have their efforts backed up by effective prosecution and effective sentencing. Give them back their sense of purpose, and I am pretty sure that the vast majority will rise to the challenge.
  2. Firstly why is the police federation criticising it if Supt Jones seems to think that officers are responding to the system positively! Methinks that someone isn't listening to the officers on the ground!

    Also the public don't give a damn about value for money! The public want to see crimes being solved and criminals arrested, they want to feel safe when they walk home at night, they want to see the police doing their job unhindered by polictical correctness, over zealous health and safety or being forced down politicised agenda issues! How much more bureaucracy has been put into place to monitor the "points" system.
  4. From a police officer. What a stupid cnut!!! Another rapid promotion feckwit who never did any time on the real streets by the sounds of it. Another example of Labour party doctrine of statistics and figures (which are all bollox anyway). This is a dog egg wrapped in rose scented christmas paper for the consumption of the public. The 'everything is rosy' brigade are living in coocoo land. They've fecked up the NHS, the Immigration, transport, farming, the MOD and now the police! Their drive to paint a propaganda war on the British public reminds me of Stalin's lot!!!

    Who's up for a revolution then :D