Critically ill man 'former Russian spy'

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All is simple. 'Novichok' is a big group of poisons. This group became well know more that 25 years ago. Surely, good chemists were not only making already known poisons, but also creating something new on its base. So, highly likely, new poisons were invented in the PD labs. Who can restrict to call them also 'Novichok'?
Russia guilty
Putin guilty

Russia guilty
Putin guilty

Without something credible you're just barking at parked cars.

Unnamed source close to unnamed British police officers tells unnamed Press Association journalist Britain knows the unnamed Russian agents who attacked the Skripals' doorknob with gel filled perfume bottle then went to central Salisbury to leave it in a park. Totally convincing.

Bark...Little doggy...Bark.
Mmmm...'Charlie this 'perfume' smells a bit off'...

"He also mentioned that he vaguely recollects there being an odd ammonia-type smell from the perfume."
Novichok victim's boyfriend says she sprayed nerve agent on her wrists

'I know, I'll do a squaddie shower with it.'

'Sky News understands that 44 year old Dawn had suffered injuries to her hands and face as a result of the novichok poisoning.
Detectives are now looking at the possibility that Ms Sturgess put the substance on her face and hands, believing it to be perfume.'

Amesbury novichok victim suffered damage to hands and face

Seem's gen.
Healthy scepticism is understandable, unlike your cut and paste continuous conspiraloon theories
They're not my theories, I post only from MSM.
They're their meandering theories and musings while HMG/int/plod go round in circles, killing time.

Killing time till what?

In the short term:
Wait till OPCW come back with finding a made-in-russia sticker on the bottom of la bouteille de parfum.

That's really going to drop the cat amongst the pigeons and not in a good way from the 99.99%'s perspective.

....In the long term?...
........anyway, have you seen the latest copy of 'White Dwarf?'

New rules for the chaos Marines

2xD6 for extra gay rape attack, from the rear, obviously

Someone seems happy with this (YarS, yesterday)
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@Grey Fox is a certified Russian troll. Hell he can't even be bothered to mask his Moscow IP address.
They clearly state they confirm the results of PD, which is Novichok,
What can be easier, than to wrote: it was confirmed, that it is ethyl N-[(1E)-1-(diethylamino)ethylidene]-phosphoramidofluoridate, also known as A-234, that is one of' Novichok' poisons, according book of Mirzayanov?
But no, they didn't wrote this. They wrote, that poison in the Skripals bodies are same, what was demonstrated by PD-labs. Why? By the default version, it was not ethyl N-[(1E)-1-(diethylamino)ethylidene]-phosphoramidofluoridate.

Pathetic that this is the best argument you can think of, is to try and deny the actual substance used.
Sure, it is not my best argument. It is just pretty good example, that British government lie even in such secondary things, and local mushrooms can not even understand what exactly was written in a text.
You are saying that you 100% believe the ever-changing official legend?

Despite all the anomalies, inconsistencies,'s purposeful disinfo and complete lack of any facts?

Aaaand the ongoingcriminalinvestigation?
That's going really well too.

I bet you thought Iraq and Libya were justified too?
And still do.
It’s only the 24 hour rolling media speculation thats changing you tool. That’s situation normal in the Free World you mong.
Not 100%. May be, 99,99%. 'Highly likely', and I even suggest a version in what situation it was possible, that it was Russian attack.

No. You lie. There are no words 'it was a Novichok'. They said that it is classified, but they confirm results of PD-labs.
Who know, what poison was called as 'Novichok' by the Porton-Down crooks? It is not a registered trademark, you know.
Russia guilty

Putin guilty
Let's start on song-bird.
This is the latest bulletin courtesy of HMG but fed via MSM.

'The brother of Amesbury Novichok victim Charlie Rowley has told of his shock at his sibling's recovery after he was released from hospital.

'I'm very suprised because when I first saw him I thought he'd be there for months,' his brother, Matthew Rowley, revealed.

'Obviously he's stronger than I thought, which is a great thing.'

The deadliest NA in the world strikes again!
Brother of Amesbury Novichok victim tells of shock after sibling is released from hospital | Daily Mail Online

Also in this story, dated today, the rubbished CCTV claim is still alive and well.

Detectives believe a team of Russians assassins were sent to the UK to murder the former Kremlin double agent back in March and are hunting up to six suspects.

It is understood the kill team have been recorded on CCTV, which police are not releasing to the public, as they carried out their mission in Salisbury.

Pushing the lies everyday?
But why considering all the evidence was there 18wks ago?
Russia guilty

Putin guilty
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