Critically ill man 'former Russian spy'

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Sure, you are double liar.
Pot DE Kettle etc. Your lies are worse than a broken clock. At least that’s right twice a day unlike you Shagrat
No. There are no word 'Novichok' in the OPCW report.
Hence the additional questions by OPCW. Have they been answered yet?
Let's start on song-bird.
This is the latest bulletin courtesy of HMG but fed via MSM.

'The brother of Amesbury Novichok victim Charlie Rowley has told of his shock at his sibling's recovery after he was released from hospital.

'I'm very suprised because when I first saw him I thought he'd be there for months,' his brother, Matthew Rowley, revealed.

'Obviously he's stronger than I thought, which is a great thing.'
The deadliest NA in the world strikes again!
Brother of Amesbury Novichok victim tells of shock after sibling is released from hospital | Daily Mail Online

Also in this story, dated today, the rubbished CCTV claim is still alive and well.

Detectives believe a team of Russians assassins were sent to the UK to murder the former Kremlin double agent back in March and are hunting up to six suspects.

It is understood the kill team have been recorded on CCTV, which police are not releasing to the public, as they carried out their mission in Salisbury.

Pushing the lies everyday?
But why considering all the evidence was there 18wks ago?
Russia guilty
Putin guilty

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