Critically ill man 'former Russian spy'

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British soldiers kill enemies of Britain. Russian soldiers kill enemies of Russia. Chines soldiers kill enemies of China. Soldiers are professional murders, who kill because of their duty.
This statement proves exactly why you should be behind bars. For moral turpitude, if nothing else.
It is somekind of @scalieback 's erotic fantasies, based on the ideas of extremal feminism, ask him. I'm afraid my skills in the xenology is not good enough to understand him.
More lies from the liar @YarS aka @Grey Fox. I may have changed it from a woman to a man as you were having erotic fantasies about the Russian Navy, but the rape still stands:

Wait - are you freely admitting that you abused a position of power in order to exploit a hungry female just for your own personal gratification?
Yes. Not only for my personal gratification. Also it was some kind of humiliation of her male relatives and may be, even little lesson of discipline and prevention of terroristic activity. My honour is ability to crush their honour.
Ask YarS himself at the American Military Forum

Here he was banned forever.
Come on Shagrat, I pinged you in about five posts, knowing my avatar, you calling Baltic’s ‘sprats’, your obsession with nuclear war, the Orc reference etc etc. You are YarS and like your honour you ran like a headless chicken to reappear as @Grey Fox
Whatever you think , usage of prostitute is not rape.
Abusing your position of power and doing it to show ‘power’ over her menfolk is rape Shagrat
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