Critically ill man 'former Russian spy'

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Funny. Do you prefer investigate deaths of your journalists before their death?
No but your lot already have the results for when they fall out the windows or shoot themselves several times in the back of the head.

Now back to your claim that May did the poisoning. We are still awaiting the evidence that May poisoned the people in and around Salisbury. Or was that a lie?
Are you banned in Google?
Oi Klytus, I've already asked you that when I told you research is free. Just after you offered me five large (or 10/12ths of a Russians living wage) to clarify whether you are stony or spongey.

ETA: You're English isn't as good as your starpom tells you. I don't speak Orcish so you don't see me rattling round the Soviet version of Arrse listening to turps-enlivened conscripts talking about that rifle (cf. The AKM with wooden furniture), or barrelling across Dollgow-Doberitz in a BTR-60. Do try not to tarnish my iPad with your pidgin tongues.
Now tell me, how many of British journalist in 2017 were died, how many of them were died as result of the accidents, illnesses, murders and other reasons.
2 UK journalists died in 2017, Clare Hollingworth who was 105 and died of natural causes and Liz MacKean who died after a stroke

Now back to your claim that May did it, put up your evidence or are you telling lies again
And what about Russian Marines, singing and dancing Rock-n-Roll? They are very men and women who will land in the South Bay in Scarborough, and off Brighton Beach and search and kill most important targets few days before official start of the war.
I really hope so.
Since Brighton is probably the gayest town in Britain, I am sure all those REALLY BUTCH Russian Marines will be very welcome.
Your boys won't be killing anyone, as they will be walking bow legged for weeks.

Incidentally, mocking rock and roll dancing in Russia is probably punishable by death.
Your Dear Leaders daughter apparently spends a lot of Russian taxpayers money on it.
Gay Soviet Russian Marines you say? Yooohooo boys! Unpossible.... There are no gays in glorious Soviet Union!

Oh, well, apart from these comrades...........
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