Critically ill man 'former Russian spy'

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Are you banned in Google?
I'm not.
For instance, if I Google 'Russian political assassinations of the 20th and 21st centuries' I will get loads of hits, loads.
Maybe you could try Googling the same or are you too scared to admit that there is a huge elephant in the room?

Remember; If it walks like a duck etc...

Grey Fox

*Russian Troll*
Odd also that you didn't mention Stierlitz!
While he was very different to James Bond Yulian Semyonov was always flattered when people said he had created a James Bond for Russia.
To compare Stierlitz with James Bond is even more funny, than say, that Teresa May is a Vladimir Putin for the UK.
Watch '17 moments of Spring' to see the difference (part 1 from 12).
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Is this your default pos when you can't answer how an odourless gel has changed it's chemical structure and morphed into an ammonia-smelling liquid?

So many questions and inconsistencies , so few answers.
I'm not bothered about your friggin gel! Which is the only thing you're hanging on to you "chod".
I don't give a toss what you're currently burbling about.

If Putin can kill & injure hundreds of fellow Russians to achieve power, the Russians can shoot down an airliner, invade a sovereign country etc & not care what the rest of the world thinks, why wouldn't they attempt to murder a former Russian spy using a Russian developed CW?
There is no other explanation.
Or, if you think there is, start bloody well saying so.

Christ, your denser than Gray Fox, which means your extremely dense.
Start thinking for yourself instead of continually regurgitating the same crap all the time.
And while you're about it, grow up.
Just for example: Hugh Richard Louis Grosvernon, 7th Duke of Westminster. May be, he and his mother Natasha (Russians, Russians are everywhere!) were blackmailed because of circumstances of sudden death "from illness" of Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, 6th Duke of Westminster.
"Sudden death from illness"? Probably murdered by the Russians.
You have picked up to the fact that INTREPs are now coming courtesy of MSM, haven't you? and plod have kept a very small profile when it comes to informing the great British taxpayer...
So you admit that all your info comes from the media as opposed to the police & Government?
Shot yourself in the foot for the umpteenth time.
The story varies from various MSM sources but gel was mentioned many times as being the method used on the Skripal's front door.

The same who's running the publics' knowledge campaign.

Toeing the line like a good boy since day1.

Those, who have been paying attention, will know that straight off the bat he lied.
Many countries synthesised Novichok and it was very well known about.

That is now public-record.

Sir Hamish de Bretton-Gordon will do very well out of these shenanigans as will Sir Kier Pritchard.

Going in 20 different directions at once is much more effective than just one-story but not if you're on the rx'ing end of the equation.

There are so many false-leads here.

it would be better to get any news from the authorities but they're not much use.
The last report from last week, plod said, after 17weeks, still no suspects/leads.

The press are The Ministry of Truth.
Running the narrative as opposed to just reporting it.

Then we get back to the 2 Notices, SIS, UK govt, Trump/Steele dossier, Cambridge Analytica,
Democratic National Convention.... etc..etc

Or the Russians are just moving with the punches.
You try proving a negative like 'we didn't kill him'.
It's Russia FFS.

On the other hand there's still no evidence, facts, proof pointing to Russia either.

Wasn't it an open and shut case back in March '18?

Another goldfish?
So you theory about the gel stems from media speculation?
Why didn't you say so instead of continually bluffing as usual?
Surely it is. Attempt of a colonisation = start of an undeclared war.
Proof once again of ‘Russia as a victim’ and a wholly inaccurate meaning attributed. It certainly isn’t the start of an undeclared war, so you are libellous. I just think you got the date wrong, again. Come on YarS, tell us another lie.
So many questions and inconsistencies , so few answers.
Certainly nothing that makes sense coming from your frantic trawls on t'internet.

Again. Why are you here, trying to change minds that won't fall for your tin foil-hatted ramblings?

Are you that starved of attention or are you expected to put a minimum number of hours in on this website? The sadness of your shambolic existence would sadden me if I thought you weren't a lunatic.


Are you banned in Google?
No but when I put it into the search it only came up with Russian ones so I thought you may know something I don't, hence the question, can you name them?
What does this mean?
Fishing for int?
Get over to arrsch, it's like a civilianised Langley.

This whole exercise is a faith-test to see how dull many ex-servicemen are.
Let alone the civvies, wannabe's, STABS and REMFs. that pollute the halls.
You have such a quaint old fashioned turn of phrase which really highlights your shortcomings and inadequacies. It would be better if you stopped using outdated slang but i suppose it gives you a way to show off to your supervisors.

Anyway, how is life in the 1980's?
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