Criteria for Para recruits wearing Maroon Beret

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by sorrybonequestion, Jan 14, 2009.

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  1. I am already an ARRSE user :D but my friend is certain that Parachute Regiment recruits at ITC are eligible to wear to the Maroon Beret after 4 weeks of phase 1 training on completion of thier drill test, albeit with a disc backing behind the cap badge.

    Many thanks

    Sorrybone question
  2. No this is a gen question, and I have a tenner riding on the answer being NO!!!!!!!!!

    He saw a documentary on BB2 about the para's set in the early 80'
  3. I once saw a documentary on whales.
  4. In the breakdown at wk 6??

  5. penguin
  6. When I was a Junior leader many years ago we wore one, so I guess the precedent is there.
  7. damn it too much beer off to bed
  8. True. Green backing until P company.
  9. Well i suggest you apply for the Navy
  10. Well that is an idea however I'm sure my current unit may well have issue's with that; however I will bear it in mind.

    Thanks for the srious answer, I have just lost a tenner though :cry:
  11. Any doubts see if you can track down sandy the governor