Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BiscuitsAB, Aug 30, 2011.

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  1. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    I have made up a new word. Crisis'ize.

    Watching the news this morning there is a generational "crisis" in home owner ship, a crisis on the Eastern Seaboard and a Crisis in Libya. Apparently a problem is not significant enough unless it become a "Crisis".

    In the BiscuitsAB residence we are about to have a running out of fags CRISIS and a I really should do some fucking work CRISIS.

    I'm sure that you bunch have perfectly sorted lives and your admin is all sorted if not please feel free to CRISISIZE it.
  2. That's shit mate.

    Even I've got emergency tabs.
  3. I have to agree with the gwa, its pants...and makes no sense too.
  4. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Made perfect sense to me (at the time). Everything seems to have to be elevated to the level of "Crisis" by the media, apparently we have the lowest home ownership in the Uk for the last 90 years and apparently this is a CRISIS. How its a crisis I'm not sure but it is because the BBC say so. The Eastern side of the USA has had a bit of weather and apparently this is also a "CRISIS" and the civil war in Libya is a "CRISIS" soon they will have the running out of food "CRISIS" and the running out of water "CRISIS".

    However now that I have re-read the OP your right its not well laid out, and I've been slagged of by Dale to boot, so I think I'll go and have a personal emotional CRISIS. with a cup of tea and a smoke.
  5. I have a wee crisis! Literally.....I need a piss and the bogs are miles away from the office! Do I risk it and lag my pants mid corridor, or go and wee in the sink in the darkroom?
  6. It's The End of Days. The Rapture approaches. Cast down thy fags and embrace The Lord (unless you're black or homosexual, in which case, fuck off and leave Heaven for us white, straight guys)
  7. go in your tweeds. it'll look good on your next performance review if you have a map of new south wales on your pants
  8. TWEEDS???? I'm 40...ish, not bloody 80! Tweed makes for very itchy flaps!

  9. might be time to lay off the aerostart... :)
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  10. You were drunk at the time weren't you?
  11. What??

    The Sail's a gwar?

    Finger hovers over 'unfriend' button.......
  12. Aye, that she is. She claims to be strawberry blonde or some such thing.....but we all know it means gwar. Oh, and you know what they say about an owner and her dog.
  13. There's only one thing that counts as a true crisis, and it requires four seperate conditions:

    1) Kettle broken
    2) Hob broken or unavailable
    3) Microwave broken or unavailable
    4) No hexi lying about
  14. If there were no crisis' in the world to report on would that be a crisis for the BBC?
  15. Good Lord no.

    They'll get a collective of homosexuals to fill time, commenting on stories in the Daily Mail about how marvellous it was to see Beyonce pat her guts on MTV and they'll find that Iranian bag (who is a man) to talk about how caring she is about modern yout.

    Business as usual.

    After the weather they'll fill more time by putting that cunt on who attempts 'exotic' sports and then complains about how hard they are. Next week (you heard it here first) he's going to chemically induce an erection and slide down the Cresta run on it.