Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Uladh, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. anyone played this game its ment to be the most demading game computer power wise on the market and is a good way of testing your computers preformance. i bought it today with my new computer but have to wait a week to get my computer cause i ordered a nivida 768 mb 8800 ultra graphics card and they have to order it in to the store
  2. :? Send again in English.

    T C
  3. what dont you understand? ok the game is not called crisis its called crysis...
  4. Ive played a game called Crysis. Ran it at 1680x1050 maxed except the shadows which were on medium FPS was around 20
  5. what is the difference in between 768 mb 8800 ultra graphics card and an ati 1900 xtx ? Apart from one having 512 and the other 756mb mem.... Do you think I'll see a massive change in performance for this game?
  6. Unfortunately thats not exactly an easy question answer. Technically the 8800 is a far superior card as it is the next generation. The amount of MB a crad has is not a direct guide to how good it is (I used to have a 512Mb 6200 lol) It also comes down to things like number of shader units, pipelines, blah blah blah.

    however ....... The 8800 is a DX10 card and at the moment there are huge performance problems with DX10, so if you have a 8800 and are running XP (and therefore DX 9), you will definitely see a difference in performance over the ATi 1900. However if you are running Vista and run the Game under DX10, the performance increase MAY not be as markededly obvious.

    I say this as one who has a 8800 Ulta Pre Overclocked, however I havent had chance to play any demanding games on it yet :cry:
  7. Just too add , the 8800 does perform better than the 1900 on DX9 as well , especially at higher screen resoloutions because of its architecture , its can change the number of piplines used to draw different objects on the screen dependent on what its being told to draw, where the 1900 cant. Effectively this means the entire 8800 card will work at once - while the 1900 will put a ton of strain on a few dedicated pipes , leaving others idle , while the 8800's pipes can do it all , lessening the choke factor and speeding up the draw rates - meaning you get higher FPS , which means its smoother and more playable :wink:

    You will definately see a hike in performance if you are using vista , as the game will run in Direct X 10 (only real selling point of vista imo ) if youre playing on XP then the 8800 will be marginally better fps wise - especially if your playing on high resoloutions (big monitor) with all the bells and whistles turned on (AA , AF) .

    Oh and Ive heard you cant chop down trees with the minigun , or blow shit up quite as spectacularly in DX9 ( XP ) as the physics engine cant run as fully as it can on vista , so no blowing the support beams out of shacks and it all falling apart in individual bits , which is a shame . But not really worth shelling you £100 for vista , just for some extra wow factor on 1 game.
  8. but wont all new games coming out start to use dx10 and thus will require windows vista to use?
  9. Not for a good few years yet , games delelopers would be shooting themselves in the foot if they made DX10 only combatible games - the vast majority of people dont have enough disposable income to spend about £300+ to upgrade thier PCs . It'll be years before that happens - look at most games now , almost all of them are compatible with windows 98/2000 - almost a decade on. I know im not shelling out alot of cash just to play a couple of games any time soon anyway.
  10. thats the difference between you and a hardcore gamer :)
  11. Id rather spend my extra cash on wine women and song , still , each to his own ....

  12. cats breath smells of fish. 8O
  13. ....he said, whilst loitering around on the ARRSE Online Gaming and Computer Advice Forum. :lol:
  14. :D I did try to keep it simple, hence the blah blah blah lol
  15. ACtually Civi Git, I disagree with you, and that was the point of my whole post. All the data and reviews I have seen (and there is an in depth review of DX9 versus DX10 in this montsh PC format) show that an ATI1950 card running a game in DX9 will outperform an 8000 series card running the same game in DX10. The only time this doenst often occur is when using the top oif the range 8800, but even then the fps difference is often negligable. Another reason developers are slow on the uptake for DX10 only games. (To be fair there are exceptions to this, but most times, DX9 beats DX 10 by a fair margin)