Crisis, what crisis? € 150,000 lunch in Monaco for Fortis !

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fantassin, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. A € 150,000 lunch in Monaco for Fortis !

    15:32 11/10/08
    Fortis holds a lunch for 150,000 euros in Monaco
    AFP Posted 10/10/2008

    Last Friday, the Fortis Bank organized a150,000 euros lunch at the Louis XV restaurant in the Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo, the most expensive of the Principality.

    Fortis, acquired Monday by BNP-Paribas, invited 50 people to participate in a "culinary event" in the most expensive hotel of Monaco, at a cost of 150,000 euros, reported Friday the Belgian daily De Morgen .

    Lunch, bringing together mainly independent brokers, was held at the Louis XV restaurant (three Michelin stars) from the Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo, the most expensive of the Principality. According to the travel guide Lonely Planet, the prestigious restaurant houses the largest wine cellar in the world, with some 250,000 bottles, "most of them at unreachable prices" . A meal quickly reaches 300 euros, while a night at the Hotel de Paris costs from 500 to 1,000 euros in low season.

    More in french at :
  2. I'm outraged.

    That's almost as bad as our socialist government serving wine worth two grand a bottle while the NHS tells pensioners that two grand is too much to spend to save their sight.

    Look on the bright side though. At least Fortis haven't had any UK bailout cash. That should save Gordon having to cut down a few trees to turn into money via the magic of government bonds.
  3. Must be the time of the year...Dexia also had a little "do" in Monaco last week...apparently, the chairman refrained from giving a speech at the end "because of the crisis"...

    A 150,000 euros lunch for Dexia


    11/10/08 Monaco

    Dexia has also organized a luxurious party in Monaco

    Posted 11/10/2008

    The reception was held in the largest room of the Hotel de Paris, the most expensive Monte Carlo hotel.

    Fortis held a 150,000 euros lunch in Monaco last Friday.

    In addition, Dexia has also organized a reception this week in the Principality of Monaco, announced Saturday the newspaper De Morgen. While Fortis Insurance gave appointment Friday to 50 guests for a lunch in the luxurious Louis XV restaurant, not far from there, on Thursday evening, Dexia held a celebration attended by over 200 guests.

    In the Empire Room, the largest of the Hotel de Paris, more than 200 guests gathered at the official installation of the first Monegasque subsidiary of Dexia Private Banking. The organizer of the event was the company Octopus, which specializes in organizing events.
  4. Now the company dog I have heard of, some ocmpanies even own race horses but the company octopus?

    Strange people :) :wink:
  5. That's Google translation tool for you....good find though !
  6. Owning an octopus allows all of their remaining share holders to have a leg at the post AGM dinner.