Crisis of Confidence....


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Having a slight crisis of confidence here.
For the last couple years I have been determined to join up as a Clinical Physiologist as I am fascinated by all things physiological and - not to blow my own trumpet but - I'm s**t hot at it. My recruiter has said I shouldn't have a problem passing the board for CP as I will have a degree in a science based subject (health and sport sciences) and I have all the right answers for the board.


the more I look at certain other trades the more I'm not so sure of myself anymore. Which for someone who is always so sure of herself in all my decisions, is quite scary as it is the biggest decision of my life. Ever. I have spoken to my recruiter about it and unlike what I've heard about recruiters pushing people in one direction or the other, he basically just said that with my set of qualifications, almost every soldier entry job will be open to me so it's entirely my choice and he will be more than happy to have me apply for anything.

I suppose what I want to know is has anyone else had this dilemma and what did you/are you going to do? How did you make your decision and has it been the right one?


Try and experience the job first hand, do your research ect. At the end of the day what your qualifications say you should do is one thing and waht you want to do is another.


find something that appeals to you, that you really want to do - and stick to your guns. it's your life, your career, and if you don't enjoy it - you don't get a second shot.


Im pretty sure there are courses where you can visit the reg you want to join and see how they do things

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