Crisis in Armed forces Medical Services

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Todays Telegraph and Times

The "Own Goal" of DCS 15 Goes on, placing all service personnel at much higher risk.

Even more annoying, i attended a briefing where a very senior officer stated that at least the gaps between tours are widening !! What he means is that on paper the gaps may be widening as 33/22/34/16 etc as named units may have a reasonable gap, what he chose to forget was that the personnel in those units (cadre staff excluded) are the same for each of the units. Some personnel have deployed in all 3 Field Hospitals in 24 Months, but the units officially only deployed the once ! That is what is reported back to the politicians anyway.

Are they really aware of events on the ground ?? Take the events on the ground in Iraq, where the units at the APOD, Hospital and all, are under daily attack and the only real movement is the re-supply run, where the lads come under fire the moment they leave. Daily life revolves aroud self sustainment, with very little contact with the people of Basra.

It is just like a cage containing several thousand personnel trapped in a huge sand pit acheiving nothing and being placed at high risk and the nearer we get to our retreat back to Kuwait, where we started all this 4 Years ago,the worse it will become and at what cost ??


DCS 15 will be lowest point of the AMS in 100 years. We fell foul to a hierachy which wanted the end to BMH's to allow them to intergrate into a NHS sooner than if the BMH's remained. Nice little consultancies waiting for them when the got out. They peddle the theory that the AMS needed to work closer with the NHS for a better cross section of patients and to improve their techniques in all fields. I thought thats what happened at QEMH or CMH when civilians were nursed on the wards with a cross section of conditions. As civilian patients would beg ambulance drivers to take them to CMH instead of Frimley Park.

Now the AMS is at a point where no Government could sustain a new military hospital or would even want to. Even with the pressure from the public and the back beddling Tories- who quitely forget they killed the AMS 15 years ago. Tories who held the hammer as the "coffin" was constructed.
So why are they allowed to fiddle the figures on deployments/tour gaps ?

It should not be based on the gap between named unit deployments, but actual information on the personnel that deploy.

Just met a guy who also deployed 3 times in less than 16 Months, with 3 different units.
we moved into MDHU's 15 years ago, to enable us to maintain our skills for deployment

so why is it only now that we are addressing competency levels ?
I thought that was the name of the game

oh boll0x - wheres that drawing board I had

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