Crisis Command

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Letterwritingman, Sep 5, 2004.

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  1. Well me and Mrs LWM hit the right buttons on every question; but my oh my...................Who was that lefty hand wringing BoB in the orange coat? Penny to a pinch of shoite they all voted Labour and all went to University! Feck me does the Army have the Monopoly on commonsense? 8O 8O
  2. in fairness the grey haired participant did faily well. I managed to make all but one of the correct decisions. Ideally i wanted to quarantine the entire North West.

    Not bad on the whole. Any idea if there will be more?
  3. admittedly I did toy with the idea of Nuking Liverpool and Manchester just to be on the safe side :D :D
  4. There was another episode on BBC4 at 10pm after the BBC2 one had finished.

    Same crisis, different team who made even worse mistakes.
  5. I have a source close to the programme who tells me that there are (I think) four in the current series.............

    The grey haired one was particualrily shrewd when they decided not to let the ferry go to Dublin (there may be bio-warfare data we don't want to share with a foreign power) the lefty ones completely missed that.

    All in all a top geezer does he want to apply to be the mext Met commissioner?

    Also knee jerk reaction not to use troops (not very PC) and leave a PSU (police support unit) of 22 officers to deal with the whole situation 8O

  6. in the prog info it said members of the public, yeh right of course they were, the brylcreem boy wanted to discuss everything to death.(i wanted to punch a decision out of him :wink: ) dont you love a decisive man? he was more worried about what the papers would say than actually dealing with the crisis.

    For the fun of it I joined in interactively, must admit got 1 wrong and that was just about cording off the NW rather than just Liverpool.
  7. Was a load of crap if you ask me. That blonde haired donkey jawed bitch got on my nerves too much........
  8. Was that the Foreign PC hag in the green jacket?.............the PC bull dyke in the orange coat really got to me.....I have a 'Gut Feeling'!.....not feckin wrong she had a gut feeling; she could have been empathic for the whole human race!!! :twisted:
  9. Yeah, I would have quarantined the entire NW, but the point about policing a larger net, more holes etc is valid.

    Grey hair - good decisions
    Bint - Not bad, some lefty wishy washy times let hewr down
    Brylcreme - tw*t

    But there has to be a mix or it's not fun eh?

    Next sunday is a Flood disaster, sky tv guide doesn't reveal more than that.
  10. She was the only female (?!?!?) out of the pannel of three making the choices.

    Two different shows, 9pm BBC2 and 10pm BBC4.

    Grey Hair, Blonde, and Pompous Brylcreme were 9pm

    Blonde in Green coat, Hag in Orange coat and a bloke were 10pm

    What was amazing was that afterwards they still all thought they could really run the country, apart from the Blonde in Green who was honest enough to say she should never be allowed near government.
  12. 9pm Grey hair's comment at the end was brilliant.

    :lol: :lol:
  13. It was on again tonight.

    The BBC2 crew managed to prevent flooding the City of London, however took out a small town in worcestershire with the help of the sappers.

    Also caused a large explosion (LPG fuel) in East london to save the City.

    Not seen BBC4 variant. Any comments?