Crippled soldier ekes out pension in Bulgaria.

You may remember this bloke, he was the TA dumped at Selly Oak Hospital & ordered to remove his uniform:- "in case it offended ethnic minority patients." This is his continuing story from todays Daily Telegraph:-

A soldier crippled by a bomb has moved to Eastern Europe because he cannot survive in Britain on his Army pension.

Scott Garthley, 39, was a successful banker on £100,000 a year before he was injured by a Scud missile attack during the second Gulf War in 2003.

However, the Territorial Army corporal has now been forced to sell his home and spends most of the year in Bulgaria after being offered just more than £70 per month pension by the Army.

Mr Garthley, of Birmingham, lives in the port of Varna.

He returns to Britain for vital medical treatment and to fight a £2.8 million negligence claim against the Ministry of Defence.

"The Army believes I'm only worth a pension of £71.79 a month, on top of my money from the Veterans' Fund," he said.

"Life in Bulgaria is good simply because it's cheap."

Major Charles Heyman, the editor of Armed Forces Of The UK magazine, said: "This is a scandal. Soldiers like Scott are being betrayed by the Government whom they served without question, and they should be given all the support they need."

Mr Garthley was left disabled after injuries to his shoulders, knees and back in the bomb blast in Kuwait. His teeth were also broken and he was diagnosed with stomach injuries.

Since the attack - which left him suffering from post traumatic stress disorder - he has been unable to work. His relationship broke up under the strain of his injuries.

Mr Garthley has paid more than £60,000 in private hospital bills, to ensure he receives the vital care not offered to him by the MoD.

He had initially received expert medical care in Kuwait and Cyprus before being moved to Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham.

He was ordered to take off his uniform at the Midland hospital in case it offended ethnic minority patients.

Mr Garthley has had more than 20 operations and doctors recently discovered neurological damage which has caused his feet to grow by two sizes.

Yet the Ministry of Defence has refused to increase his pension after claiming he is not completely disabled.

A spokesman for the MoD said: "Mr Garthley's war pension is currently under review and until that process has ended it would be inappropriate to comment."

Bumped - just in case someone didn't follow link
£70 a month? He should have formed up at Selly Oak and declared himself an illegal immigrant from Armenia. He'd be on more than that a week in benefits and have a council house by now!

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