crimminal sausages

May i remind Richmond mystery meat products ltd that the " with no bits" claim in their new advert refers to identifiable meat, which is actually a legal requirement in sausages.

Sawdust and mechanically recovered pigs eyelids is not a suitable or tasty sausage filling.


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My old man brought some of these on a camping trip once, he swears by them.

The dirty bastard.
You can get Volkswagen Sausages (Currywurst). Complete with VAG Part Number

Some kids stopped me outside the shop earlier and said, "Hey mate, will you go in there and get us ten Richmond?"

"Sure I will," I replied, taking their money.

On the way out I gave them their sausages and informed them they only come in packs of eight.

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Thank you sickipedia

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******* hate them sausages and those adverts, there a disgrace to sausagedom

Gout Man

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I see that Tesco are still selling Richmond Thick Irish Sausages. Stereotypical profiling, or simply politically incorrect?
I like there epicly shit adverts , a shit sausage giving someone a flashback to childhood , enough to cancel a road . And a family of stereotypical Irishmen , who all sing and play instruments .



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Richmond and Walls sausages contain 40% meat which is likely fatty meat, then they add fat, yummy yum, read the ingredient list.
Try The black farmer or heck sausages.

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