Criminals jailed in houses

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by scrofula, Jan 26, 2008.

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  1. It's quite simple. Prisons are full. Building more is not a priority for this government.

    It gets worse. is forking out an average of £250 per night to put crims. up in bed and breakfast rather than holding them on remand. You can get B&B in a 5 star hotel in London for less than that.

  2. A breach of the planning system - an unauthorised change of use from residential (C3) to secure residential institution (C2A).

    If the Headley facility at Ashtead required planning permission in the face of vociferous objection, then why not this change of use?

    Those concerned residents should contact the local authority planning department to instigate enforcement action and an application for retrospective planning permission - which can be objected to. I can't see a 50,000 signature petition supporting this particular situation!

    Edited to add: I emailed the journalist suggesting it may be worth exploring further. No direct interest, but this sort of government diktat and incompetence (which flouts their own rules) makes one's blood temperature increase somewhat! You wouldn't get one of these in Connaught Square or next to a certain big house in North Queensferry...
  3. Now I know WE have lost the plot!

    Brang back Capital Punishment, that would free up the places in the REAL prisons! :evil:
  4. We made huge mistakes over this prisons issue. We already have the real estate (Or had) in the form of disused Army barracks. Recruit a guard force, build a big elctric fence and leave them to it. I've slept 32 up in a nissan hot for periods of 6 months and was paid for the privilege. Why not afford the same to offenders.
    Chain gangs could also bring focus into their lives, farmers are subsidised to trim hedges, prisoners could do this if issued with nail clippers. An extreme example perhaps.
  5. It looks as if the politicians are setting precedents so that they will not have to go to nasty prisons themselves when (hopefully) they are caught for one of their numerous corrupt practices.
  6. It's happening in Wales as well:

    Makes me furious. Campaigners had to fight tooth and nail to get planning permission for the Headley Court facility, but the local authority seems to want to bend over backwards for the "ministry of justice" (an Orwellian creation if there ever was one!). I firmly believe they are wrong as well, and the use does require planning permission (as a hostel or residential institution). You wouldn't get one of these next door to any politicians and, as we all know, the justice system is as much use as a wet paper bag when it comes to lowlife criminals. It is only a matter of time before some poor local is beaten or stabbed to death by a supposed "prisoner" tanked up on cider.

    As an afterthought, may be worth a FoI to find out the extent of the policy in terms of numbers and locations.