Criminal records??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by tds1990, Jan 30, 2011.

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  1. My cousin really wants to join the army but was charged 18 months ago with possession of a class B drug (cannabis)

    Would this stop him from applying??
  2. Send your cousin to the ACIO and ask there.

    Points to Note. We are getting a lot of recruits through the door at the moment, so he should steal himself to being told to getting his drug abusing arrse out of the ACIO.

    In the meantime tell him to lay off the sh1t. It wont do him any favours in civ div, nor will the Army look upon further use particularly fondly.
  3. i do hope it does !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    door slams firmly behind your ''cousin''
  4. He will be told to do one in my opinion. Two lads I went to school with have served time for drugs and have tried to join and got told to come back in ten years, made me laugh!
  5. If I was askin for my own benefit like your implying I am I'd have quite simply said I was a dirty wreck head who thinks "guns n that" would be fun.
    I'm asking because I start phase one in a few weeks, and our other cousin is in phase two and he sees how much it means to the both of us and he's been sayin the past few months that he wishes he could get in.
    He's been out of trouble since the possession charge and got himself massively fit, but he has no qualifications and is finding it difficult to find any work at all because of it and has been researching and looking into jobs he would enjoy in the forces but wants to know if it'd affect his application....

  6. my dear chap, you asked a question, you a had your answers. your ''cousin'' will find ''work''. to that end, your ''cousin'' is a credit to himself for staying out of trouble, since he got ''nicked''......... now, run along, and enjoy urself.............

  7. OK he was charged but was he tried? Was he found guilty?.
    If the answer to either is no, he should not have a criminal record although his name and the fact that the old Bill have a DNA sample etc will appear on the CRO data-base.
  8. Well... thanks to everyone who actually offered some form of advice, I appreciate it.

    To "everyone else", why bother replying to a thread asking for some honest advice if your not gonna be helpful at all and basically be a tw*t
  9. I'm not 100% sure of the details, but he did appear in court and was ordered to pay a fine
  10. Well it seems 100% sure hes been convicted then, even a dum blonde like me can work that one out. seriuosly im in cadets and looking to join when i finish college and were told that any drugs conviction is a total nono...I think the only colonel your cousin will be parading in front of will be colonel sanders. Jennixx
  11. He has been convicted for a drugs offence then, my opinion as I said before is he will be told to do one.
  12. In that case he should definitely prepare himself for the worst.

    Get in there and ask though. The ACIO are the experts in all this sort of stuff.

    Tell him he needs to stay of the ganja and get his arrse in to a place of learning that will give him some quals.

    Or he could rent out his basement.
  13. Your cousin could try this lot:

    French Foreign Legion - Recruiting

    And no, that's not a mickey-take. The couple of guys I've met who were in the Legion didn't regret it. Not that it would be for me, but ...