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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by skinny00, Jun 18, 2009.

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  1. my brother wants to join up but has spent time in jail,hes had a few sentences for comercial burglary and theft but the last time he was in was about 2004 maybe 2005 im not too sure so what are his chances?cheers in advance :twisted:
  2. checked out the link above and it says that after so long you dont have to declare them but it doesnt say how long,anyone know?
  3. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    i've got a criminal record still after all this time, I got it just before joining up and I didn't tell anyone and nothing came of it but trust me the shame and guilt of it was hard to deal with.

    Biscuits criminal record.

    Im really sorry I let the army down.
  4. Just a few sentences for burglary and theft, should do well in the QMs dept.
  5. Under the Rehabilitation act, convictions are cumulative, that means that if you offend before a previous conviction becomes spent then the first one gets extended to finish at the same time as the second one (and so on etc).

    The Rehabilitation periods for jail or custodial sentences are 5, 7 and 10 years.

    Only a recruiting office will be able to give you a definite answer, but generally anything more than 2 unspent convictions (dependant on what they are) and the chances of getting in become slimmer, also to apply he would get asked to go and get his criminal record from the local Police station before they even looked at his application in detail.

    Having said "a few" my gut reaction would be that your 'brother' could be waiting for a while to join :)
  6. Especially now we are getting more and more recruits...
  7. Does he have any form for fraud, perjury or gross indecency?

    There are some vacancies coming up shortly in the Westminster Leper Colony and if he has any experience with the above he may be qualified to become an MP. Better pay and conditions and much shorter hours than the army.

    Seriously though; there is a recession and the army now has a lot more potential recruits to choose from. He will have to show himself to be exceptionally keen, very fit, and prove that he has really moved on from his days of crime. On the plus side he can argue that prison gave him a greater level of maturity - no issues like home sickness or adjusting to communal living conditions and external discipline.

    Depending on age, a stint in the TA might help his case.
  8. If he isnt eligible for Regular Army then he shouldnt be eligible for TA either, the standards for entry into either are the same in terms of criminal records.

    Where there is a history of repeated offences (i.e lots of theft, burglary, assault etc) the chances of getting in (unless of course the Office fight a strong case on the grounds that they think you are a good prospect) are minimal.

    I agree,

    We are fortunate at the moment that we can pick and choose, losing a few applicants because they have too much of a criminal record is not going to dent the influx of applicants we have but as mentioned if there is a case to be fought on the grounds that the applicant has got real potential then there is a chance.

    Ultimately, what has he got to lose? get the criminal print out from the Police station and get it looked at by an office for a definite answer :)
  9. Aye. And if the recruiters feel you are worth the chance being taken with you and you have clearly dedicated yourself to joining, well they'l do their best for ya. I know the recruitin staff at my local ofice are like pitbulls when it comes to lookin after their applicants interests. Has ya bro considered volunteer work as a CV polisher?
  11. That's all going to change shortly anyway ;)

    Recruiting group has gained authorisation to check criminal records direct with Disclosure Scotland (who cover the UK mainland), and it will be a mandatory part of the recruiting process that prior to enlistment the offices will conduct a criminal check on applicants.

    A bit more paperwork to do but we get rid of all the people that think keeping quiet because we don't check will be fine :)
  12. I know the TA unit i was with generally rejected most people with criminal records. the recruiting team would tell em toi come back when spent and theyd assess them again. This was back when TA recruiting consisted of turning up at the TA centre on drill night and the recruitin team would process u. back in 2002
  13. All is not lost,i'm the stupid cnut that gets arrested two days prior to selection,went to court,recieved a one year driving ban,four week curfew and a fine.
    Told my office and they were not very happy to say the least and made me start again from the interview stage.
    I felt very small and stupid,but after a firm talking to and not having any previous I was given a second chance.
    passed selection and now off to catterick on the 23rd of august.
  14. Lol sods luck mate. Glad its all ok tho