Criminal Records within the British Army

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by potentialpara1, Mar 6, 2009.

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  1. Alrite lads, just need a bit of info to be honest. Got one unspent conviction on me shoulders at the minute can't find work anywhere because of it. Train ticket evation and offensive, threatning and abusive language towards the inspectors . Won't go into detail, but I was really fucked off that day :x , over reacted.I've also got an Affray from wen I was 15, but thats considered spent now I'm 21. Fing is I've learnt from my mistakes and I am a changed man, but because I got community service I have to spend "5 years" 8O rehabilitating myself, which I think is abit harsh but understandable considering some of the idiots I served with on the CS with bad retards to be honest,I've already served 2 years of the 5,but still got 3 years to go, anyway wdat do you reckon the chances of the army taking me with the one unspent conviction will be??? Because the marines have knocked me back, said I can appeal in 6 months. Is their anyone on here in the know?? If so any info would be appreciated, want to join para regiment,or join rifles an do the commando all arms course at lympstone. I'm an educated lad got 10 g.c.s.e's and am a fully qualified "electricians mate", got 17th edition an my parts 1 & 2 (level 2&3). Just messed up wen I was younger, write back lads!!! :

    Edited by PP1 at 18.43hrs 7/3/09 for the benefit of less embarassment and also to keep to the site standards, for the first posts dialect was awful.
  2. Pardon?

    Wrong forum mate. Try "Joining Up" or the dictionary.
  3. From what i remember off my application, if youve got an unspent conviction, then no, you cant join until its spent. Not entirely sure though
  4. Seem to av found some useful information from my good friends google and yahoo answers, check this out, may come in handy on this site in the near future!!, thanks for the feedback anyway lads, an wolverine "dictionary", wats tha lad??? not an insult to my slipped finger spelling I hope, if not no worrys

    Click the link.....
  5. Oh dear.
  6. why oh dear wolverine?
  7. My bold.

    Dic-tion-ar-y - noun, plural -ar⋅ies. 1. a book containing a selection of the words of a language, usually arranged alphabetically, giving information about their meanings, pronunciations, etymologies, inflected forms, etc., expressed in either the same or another language; lexicon; glossary: a dictionary of English; a Japanese-English dictionary.
    2. a book giving information on particular subjects or on a particular class of words, names, or facts, usually arranged alphabetically: a biographical dictionary; a dictionary of mathematics.
    3. Computers. a. a list of codes, terms, keys, etc., and their meanings, used by a computer program or system.
    b. a list of words used by a word-processing program as the standard against which to check the spelling of text entered.
  8. Get a grip you arrogant fruit, im writing as if i would in a text, up your own arse, as i can see.dictionary!! you make me laugh...... awaits reply.... please say something I can understand... my bold??? what are you talking about...
  9. Wah and poorly done. :roll:
  10. Wah and poorly done. :roll:[/quote]

    Not with you there mate at all? you want to explain??....
  11. Don't do it on ARRSE PP its not an accepted format.

    As for your original post the only way you will get a valid answer is by asking at the Careers Office.
  12. PP. You asked for information on joining the army. I pointed you in the right direction.

    You then asked what a dictionary was. I answered.

    What is the point in knowledge if we can't share it? :D
  13. 10 GCSE's ? You wouldnt think so. Be constructive, lose the chav angle and people will help, although in your case the recruiting office will give the answer.
  14. Disco Biscuit & Wolverine, I aint no "chav"!!, and this was my first post so I genuinly didnt know how you guys wrote on this, constructivly or not, i'm sure most people could understand what I was saying but arrogant answers like:-..or try the dictionary, don't go down to well in my book. Decorated or not I think some of you ex milatary or present serving soldiers should have respect for the youth of today and future soldiers as you one day were sat where I am and alot of others are. Arrogance is a word that comes to mind, and as for your comments about my qualifications, yes it is a true statement that I do have 10 gcse's and also a level 3 diploma in electrical installation, but that all bores me, I want to do my bit for queen and country. I may have been in trouble with the law in the past, but thats all a learning curve in my eyes and makes me the man I am today. I am from liverpool where slang is used alot and we tend to shorten our words to produce are a much quicker version of our debates, as you can probly tell I have the ability to write in the manner in which you can, but was mearly trying to get my question across through a quick written message. I have taken your comments into consideration and will now change the context inwhich I write on the forum, but personally I would have liked a polite message to tell me to stop writing in a text like manner, rather than arrogant insults. Also where I come from we don't call them "chavs" we call them "scallys", the word "chav" is never used in my area and to be honest its a rather random one jst doesnt sound right in the english language. Anyway I just thought I'd put my point across, SORRY ABOUT THE ESSAY!! :D
  15. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    potential para, you are Not . your signature Name rubbish, s many a better man than you will ever be, and the sooner this site has a screening criteria the better. I am pissed off with your feel sorry for me (it,s not my fault had a bad day attitude) you are not fit to clean the boot,s of the service men and women who serve our crown forces, and defend our shores. Rant over
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