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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Steel_City_Blade, Apr 29, 2008.

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  1. Morning All,

    I am intending to try to join the Royal Engineers this Autumn. Will a criminal record (drink driving) prevent me from joining.

    I have been told that it might and it depends case by case and I have also been told that I will only be able to join the Infantry for the next 5 years. Could someone please confirm one way or the other.

  2. my sister got caught drink driving on saturday...stupid bitch.

    it depends...did you get banned from driving? how long ago was this? was anyone injured etc
  3. The person you need to speak to is your recruiter. They will have your application details and the most up to date information on what the entry criteria is for a particular employment group. Under the Rehabilitaion of Offender's act you must declare all offences spent or unspent. This doesn't necessarily preclude you from entry or job choice but has to be done none-the-less.

    I think that you should make contacting your recruiter/ACIO/AFCO a priority.

    Good luck
  4. If its a spent conviction , you dont have to declare it, unless your going for AGC or some other "sensitive" area.
  5. Things may have changed since I joined up (20 odd years), but you had to declare all offences spent or unspent. The worst thing you could do was not to declare something.

    Your FCO will know the correct procedure.

    Good luck.
  6. When joining the Army you are required to give details of any civil convictions you have which are considered 'unspent' under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. You are, for the most part, entitled to withhold details about those convictions considered 'spent', however, there are exceptions to this under the Act. If you are interested in employment in the Army Medical Services, as an administrator with the Adjutant General's Corps or other designated sensitive employments, you will be required to declare all 'spent' convictions.

    The idea is to give those who have been convicted of offences a chance to live them down. This means that if a certain period of time has passed since you were convicted, you can fill in your application as if the offence, conviction and sentence had never taken place. In the case of the exceptions to the Act mentioned above, it is important for us to have a full understanding of your background if you are going to work with children and vulnerable adults as well as working with sensitive information.
  7. Thanks for that guys.

    It only happened last month. I haven't actually been convicted yet.

    Will give my AFCO a call.
  8. Im banned for drink driving, i went in the ACIO and was told the only jobs i can do is the infantry and artillery, I went on the recruitment chatroom and was told the same thing.
  9. i was told only infantry from day one iv just recived an 16 month ban! i wanted to be a 105 light gunner but was told i could only do infantry cos u needed to drive for the artillary! WTF is going on? can anyone clear this up

  10. I dont think you can join anything.
  11. How things have changed, at age 16, I made the unfortunate decision to take, without asking, a car belonging to British transport police and having recieved very little driving tuition, I soon crashed it.
    In court I was given an option of returning in one month for sentencing or having my poor old dad take me to join the Army that same day.
    I was in Bordon within a week,
  12. Does being arrested and released without charge or a caution count as a conviction, which should then be declared on the application? Suedehead mentioned some jobs require all spent and unspent convictions to be declared, but if no charge or caution was given, is there any conviction to declare?

  13. A conviction is when you've been charged at the police station then went to court and then get found guilty there.

    If you have been arrested and released WITHOUT charge, then its nothing.
    you DONT need to put it down, even the recruiting sgt will tell you.
  14. Are you serious mate?
    Bloody hell, using the army as a punishment seems very leanient if you ask me!
  15. Drugs/Drink driving makes you ineligible to join the Army,being banned from driving for other reasons (speeding etc) only gives you the choice of Infantry, infantry or Infantry.
    Although the ruling isnt really clear so could be interpreted differently