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Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 enables some criminal convictions to become 'spent', or ignored, after a 'rehabilitation period'. An employer can ignore offences at any time. Only difference is after a offence is spent you are under no obligation to inform potential employer unless the job you seek is exempt.

So what it got to do with how long the Army say you must wait, which seems shorter than the ROA scale anyway?


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Luke- go to your nearest carrers off, maybe take a copy of your criminal record with you.
Either way, if you apply, youll know within a few weeks if youll get accepted. But go to the office and speak with the recruiting sgt. theyll advise from there.


I was Court Martialed for gighting when I was 18 and in depot myself mate. Spent six months in Colchester for it. I'm glad of the experience now to be honest. The important thing is that you accept that you have done wrong and move forward with it. I can't see it being a major problem for you. There may be a certain peroid of time that you have to wait before you can join, but I wouldn't think it would stop you from serving your country.

Good luck.


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Personally I wouldn't think its a problem. I admire you for wanting to join and fight as a professional. There's loads that are in who have done worse.

Hope you can get joined up and turn your life around - its a good life and you'll meet some cracking new mates who'll stick-by you through thick and thin. Army mates are the best mates you'll ever have. You'll eat together, sleep together, go on the pisch together, fight together and enjoy life together. It'll be hard to start with but worth it.

Dont worry!!!

They took me on...sent by a magistrate to the Army.....(National Service)..

What did I do....

1944 stabbed a Jap in the leg, he would not give me water!
aged 5 years old "Sumatra"

Done some "scrumping" (apples) 1950 in UK caught and reported by police
Pissed on a Velocete Police motor Bike 1952 after a pint of "Scrumpy"..

They took me...they will take anyone!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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