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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by LUKEC69, Jan 8, 2007.

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  1. hi new to the site i have gone in a loophole with this.
    I got a record in sept 14th for section 20 wounding
    i recieved a electronic tag till december 14th which is now off
    i have to go to YOT(youth offenders team) untill may
    i know i cannot join till it is finished (it states in the sheet i recieved)
    but i have asked around and i have been told 6 months after the tag 12 months and stright away any information would be very appreciated.
    i want to go into the infantry.
    thanks. :? :wink:
  2. jeez - when I joined, albeit in 1981, they left you sweating at army careers if you got caught nicking from the pic n mix at woolies.... Are the army this bloody desperate.
    Whilst I appreciate you are seemingly keen to straighten your ways, I would be sleeping with one eye open if i was in a grot with you sonny.
    Was the army one of the 'options' floated at NACRO?
    God help us all.
  3. ye nice one for not a serial killer it was a fight with fists
  4. When I joined,as a young soldier,in early 60s,it was common to find others in our party,who had been offered the choice of 'Army or Jail' by magistrates.One such guy was in the next bunk to me,and he became an outstanding soldier,who-unfortunately-was killed in '82 in the Falklands.
  5. I don't know the rules but want to wish you good luck. We all make mistakes when young, that is not what is important. What matters is what you then do with your life, and you seem to be on the right track. Go for it.
  6. cheerz
  7. There is a moral difference between beating up and wounding an old lady when breaking into her home to steal her pension and beating up an equal person in a scrap. You may have even beaten up chav scum like those in Liverpool collecting money for themselves on behalf of sadly deceased Sgt Hesketh, in which case you'd be revered amongst ARRSEers.

    Learn from what you have done, let your conscience judge whether you were right or wrong in the wounding incident and put it behind you. There is a place for you in the armed forces if you can prove that you are trustworthy amongst your peers. Serve the criteria set against you, don't do anything stupid in between and enjoy yourself when you sign up. Good luck.
  8. kind of a scrap but he was older than me by 3 years
  9. firstly, you have admitted you were wrong, and put your hand up. Well Done. Secondly you seem to be heading in the right direction, and again Well Done. I would advise you have a trip to the Local Careers office and speak with the recruiter who should be able to answer your question. The Rehabilitation Of Offenders Act may also help, no harm in googling that.

    You should be able to join even if you have to wait a little longer than you expected. Good luck
  10. thanks even if it is a lil longer more time to train :D
  11. As I understand it because of your conviction you cannot have a firearms licence for a number of years, this restriction applies to forces (I know the army does not have to have a FAL before you jump up and down). That is the basic problem. But as with all rules there are exceptions. One of my students last year was due to go into the Navy, had date of entry, got a custodial sentence for fighting on CCTV. He was a very good boy and impressed the probation service and was out in 3 months. The Navy would not take him but the Army would (RA) as he had impressed every one. Numbnuts was them around when his mate was in a fight, they passed the knuckle-dusters to him, he was searched, end of story. Would have made an excellent infantry soldier the muppet.

    Point is, if you are good and show it the time before entry can go down and rules can be got round. But don’t be a prat and stay away from those that do not have your best interests at heart, probably those who you may think of as mates. When you compare them to the ones you will have in your future career you will understand.
  12. Luke, I don't know the rules I so I can't really help.

    However back in '82 I too picked up a record for fighting prior to joining the Royal Green Jackets, with a lot of luck and help from the recruiting team I was allowed to join and complete training.

    I often look back and wonder what mighty have become of my life if I had not been given that opportunity to turn my life around, I suspect that it would have involved more police attention due to lack of discipline / direction.
    I sincerley hope that you are given a similar chance and if you are, work hard, keep your nose clean and enjoy life, don't throw it away because of some juvenile nonsense.

    Best of luck,
  13. What on Earth does having an FAC got to do with anything?

    It's the Chief Constable who decides if you can have a firearms certificate or not, and he's got bugger all to do with Army recruiting!

  14. Yes they are desperate. Why do you think the age of recruiting was raised to 33.

    Besides whats the problem? The bloke decided he wants to square his life away and not spend the rest of it bouncing in and out of prison. Unlike some of the oxygen thiefs l've met.

    Best bet is to go and speak to careers office, like someone said,

    Good luck.