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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by spidey12, Sep 5, 2012.

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  1. I went to the London Regiment B Coy in Edgware last night to start my application process to join the TA. While I was there I was asked if I had any convictions. I got convicted last year for Drug Driving and Dangerous Driving (really not proud of it) as punishment I was given a 6 month sentence suspended for 2 years, 150 hours community service and 3 months probation and a 16 month driving ban. I was then informed at the Ta centre that I wouldn't be able to join for 5 years as that is when my conviction will be spent. However I was told at the careers office that you could join with no more than 2 unspent convictions. I am very confused as I am being told different things from different people, I just want to know where I stand. I would be absolutely gutted if I had to wait 5 years to join as it is my dream. If anybody could help me I will be so grateful.Thanks
  2. Put your application in to the Careers Office, and see what happens.

    Not that criminals should be allowed to join, especially if it is a drug-related conviction.
  3. Its not illegal drugs it was prescription drugs. I took a few too many one night when i couldn't sleep (sleeping tablets) and had to rush out on an emergency a family member was rushed to hospital. And sods law the traffic police pull me over. I am not a criminal it was a mistake and i haven't been in trouble since. But thanks for your help anyway.
  4. How did they catch you? Asleep at the wheel?

    You'll be alright as long as the criminal act didn't take place on a drill night or at the weekend.

    Remember, if you do get in, that the TA are also CDT'd looking for drug misuse... just in case you can't sleep in the future.
  5. Bollocks.
  6. Those prescription drugs weren't yours though we're they?
  7. After speaking to the careers office again they said that I should apply again when I get my licence back in December, it just seems that every time i try to explain myself at the TA centre or at the ACO they just flashed the rehabilitation of offenders act guidelines without giving me a chance to explain what my convictions are for. And i understand that they CDT and I haven't touched the stuff since. Cheers for all your help much more advice than I have been given after countless phone calls to the ACO and TA centre.
  8. And no they pulled me over because they suspected I was drunk from the way I was driving.
  9. If this is genuine.
    How did you come to take "a few too many" sleeping tablets? Not the most rational thought process?

    How many more twats will start threads asking "Will I get in if........."?
    It's a buyers' market you muppets. Why should the Services consider lunatics, invalids or criminals when they have so much choice?
    If you feel your first/last resort is to start a bone thread, you are not suitable!

    (Mods can't you start a "Stupid recruitment question sticky?)
  10. I hope this silly mistake does not mess up your plans to enlist. If you do join the regulars, I can quite safely say, without any fear whatsoever of contradiction, that you will ever have trouble sleeping.

    Good luck.
  11. Thanks very much!
  12. Because the type of drugs which I took you keep having to increase the dose as your body adapts to it. Having taking the normal dose I still could not get to sleep 3 hours later so I took a couple more which knocked me bandy, not knowing I would have to bomb it up to the hospital at 3am to see my sister who had been involved in an RTA. I got nicked should of left it until they had worn off but when it comes to family mate nothings going to stop me. I realise it was a stupid mistake and I have really got myself on the right track now mate, everybody deserves a second chance mate, just because I have a record does not make me a lunatic, invalid or criminal. Cheers
  13. You are a liar.
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  14. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    That is a lot of words. Words sometimes confuse the military mind. Try this...

    "I was off me tits on drugs at 03.00 cos the drugs had not made me go to sleep so I jumped into a car and drove in such a way that the police pulled me and nicked me for dangerous driving the bastards but my family comes first mate. And the buses were on strike. And all the taxi's had gone home. And the phone wasn't working. Can I have a gun now mate?"

    If the army wont have it, try MI5. David Shayler is a truthful Smoggie like you and now he is an author and journalist and many people believe every word he says. Just like I believe you.
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  15. Christ, we've have been a bit thin on the ground in the 70's then!