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hey guys, I have to bring my Enhanced CRB form my job in because i have a criminal record, all the convictions are spent, will this mean i stand a good chance of getting in?

last time i said i had no convictions because they were spent but this time i thought i should mention the spent ones to make sure i dont do training then be called back and kicked out for withholding info.

none of my spent convictions are violent crimes and were all commited when i was about 13 and 14.

the main reason i turned my life around was to join the forces but im really gutted now because i can see this stopping me joining, anyone else here have spent convictions when they joined?
It all depends what job you are going for so just go into the ACIO and show your Recruiter who will check to see, all this shows up on the Disclosure Scotland once you have been allocated a place so best being honest and there is no problems.
i had this wierd thought of the recruiting team like getting the display sa80 upstairs where you do the tests and going "time to take out the trash" and bayonetting me haha
well my crb got me a job with kids so i think it will be ok for the forces as both are probably pretty strict in regards to criminal history
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nah, my limit was shit like trying to rob a bottle of beer and pick and mix but getting overcome with adrenaline and panicking haha
You only have to declare unspent convictions under the ROOA 1974 unless you are going for a medical job or RMP, however as said before it will come out in the disclosure form.

Or in my experience if you came into the office and was not sure of your convictions etc we would sent you away to get a FOI act crime sheet.

Now you have your answer, and you know that even spent convictions are shown on an Enhanced CRB check. Perhaps you can answer a question for me. Are juvenile convictions also shown on the Enhanced CRB as well?
When I was about 12 I got a formal reprimand for breaching Section 5 (I think) of the Public Order Act. This still shows on my Enhanced Disclosure..
On enhanced yes, but as said before it will not stop you if they are spent, except for Med and polis. bearing in mind you can still join with two minor unspent convictions, well you did in 2009.

Honesty is the best policy i think.

i've got an unspent driving conviction, not proud of it one bit but not long had my driving licence back after a ban for drink driving, I was honest and upfront about it at my initial interview and was happy to find out it wouldn't affect my job choices, basically the only job I couldn't go for was RMP.
nah, my limit was shit like trying to rob a bottle of beer and pick and mix but getting overcome with adrenaline and panicking haha
Ha Ha indeed.

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