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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by kingsmanMatt, Apr 2, 2010.

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  1. So i recently passed selection and now got my date for phase 1 in the next few months. Now as per usual things dont run so smoothly and ive recently been talking to the police who have asked me to come to the station so i can be arrested on suspicion of assault. where am i going to stand with getting in the army if i get charged with this? (the incident has nothing to do with me but thats another story!) can anybody give me an idea as ive kept myself away from this kind of bullshit for years now and just as things seem to be going ok this kinda crap happens.
  2. No joining up till the court case is over!!!! Thats where you stand!
  3. what about with a guilty verdict at the end?
  4. If it has nothing to do with you then there won't be a guilty verdict. If there is, then you are a liar.
  5. just weighing up worst case scenarios thats all. I havent been charged with anything. I just seem to have pretty bad luck.
  6. depends on what you get if it is a guilty verdict. However if it has nothing to do with you, then why are you contemplating being found guilty?
  7. God forbid an innocent person be charged with a crime they didn't commit.
  8. it was nothing to do with me. its my mates have been fighting but i seem to be getting dragged into it. i was there but played no part. a likely story i know but it is the truth. im just worried now. i thought the police were after me for a statement, and i didnt want to do that so never returned calls etc!!!! anyway i talked to them yesterday and have to go and be arrested on suspicion of assault. im inclined to believe they are doing this because ive not talked to them in 3 months but i dont know.
  9. They're entitled to do their job; if you avoid them despite their asking nicely it's no wonder they're a little upset, and have perhaps begun to wonder if you have something to hide.

    Get a lawyer, now.
  10. Have you considered that your so called mate may have been making a statement against you?

    If you are innocent like you say, tell the coppers what happened.

    If you do get in you won't have much to do with civvy scrotes anyway.

    If you are found guilty what happens next depends on the punishment.

    You wont be allowed to proceed with outstanding fines, probation etc. If you get sent down then you have a bigger wait depending on sentence.

    If you are guilty though, man up and plead guilty. Nothing wrong with having an assault convition under your belt as long as you screw the nut in the army. Were not after social workers.
  11. if you get convicted and are fined you can not join for five years.Look up the rehabiliation of offenders act. Fines are 5 years until they become a spent conviction.You need to be looking at an absolute dischage.This has a rehab period of 6 months.Conditional discharge is the length of the condition e.g should keep your hands to yourself you filthy animal. :lol:
  12. So, have I got this right, you have been giving the Cops the run around for 3 months on an assault case? Jeez, you really are a smart camper!....not! Take a leaf out of some of my clients case notes, do not mess with the Police, because they will get you!

    Reading between the lines, all they have wanted from you is a statement, and they mean to get it. You are a witness to a crime, or worse, if you are trying to pull the wool! If your unwillingness to give a statement is some sort of stupid 'stand by your mates' senario, or 'this might mess up my future' get over it. As others have said in the thread, front up to them.

    By the way, if they had wanted to arrest you they would have done so already. However, you may want to take a Solicitor with you when you go to the Station, as I feel they may charge you for failing to come forward.

    For future reference, be careful of the 'friends' you keep!!!!
  13. Load of SHITE i have 2 fines within 5 years i declared them to my recruiter and he said im fine to continue application. :evil:
  14. Barrack room lawyers, dontcha just love 'em? Mate, what it boils down to is this. If you TRULY had nothing to do with this, the police will have a hard time proving your involvement. However, If you were inciting the offenders in any way at all you could well be looking at being prosecuted for a public order offence. I would suggest if you are being arrested by appointment, the police will have some sort of evidence, possibly CCTV, or you have been named as a suspect.

    It smells to me like you were more involved that you are letting on. How else has your name come to the attention of the police. If you have been named by one of the alleged offenders, the police may well have grounds to suspect your involvement and will exercise their power of reasonable suspicion to arrest you. That does not mean you will be charged. If you had absolutely nothing to do with this incident, don't flap, get a decent brief, he will advise you accordingly. If you were involved, then grow a pair, and stop whingeing.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.