Criminal record starting phase 1 in june PLZ HELP

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by cmt_dan, Jan 11, 2012.

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  1. Hi i spent 4 years in the TA and decided to join the Regs, i've passed selection and everything and have my start date in june to start phase 1, the problem i am faced with is back in Aug 2011 i got drunk and accidently assaulted a police officer whilst been arrested for drunk and disordaly, it went to court and i got a £25 fine all together as the judges believed my story of the police mistreating me... eg kicking me in the face, the assault on police officer was because a bit of blood came out my mouth (from him kicking me) and went on his shoe... anyway, this is the first time i have been in trouble with the police and really believe this is the 1 and only time in my life i will.

    What should i do? tell my recruiter or wait and declare it when signing my contract? and... do you think it will effect my entry.

    Thanks in advance for the replies.

    Btw going for CMT.
  2. Tell the recruiter.
  3. do you think it's bad enought to effect my entry.. start date?
  4. Only your recruiter can answer your question.
  5. If you don't tell your recruiter and it comes out later it could look as if you were trying to cover it up. Especially important if the job you are going for requires any sort of security clearance.
  6. You have to disclose it on your rehabilitation of offenders 493 and also your Recruiter will have to send off for a Disclosure Scotland form which will have this tell your recruiter ASP who will confirm your still eligable as if you lie on your Contract 271A saying you don't have any convictions and when this comes to light you will find your self liable to discharge. if this is the only conviction you have ever had then all should be fine...get into the ACIO ASP and discuss.
  7. i'll ring them now, really hope it's still all ok :( :(
  8. Good news :D, he said it will be fine :D
  9. when is your start date pal and were u going for basic
  10. i start on the 18th of this month m8 and Pirbright, you?
  11. 2nd of June, times up!
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