Criminal record context!!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Sly_Look, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. Ok, i fucked up before. How's it going to affect my chances of joining?

    I went to uni and studied international relations, in my third year I went and studied in America and had a taste of the army. Spent the year training with the officer cadets out there and loved it, decided I wanted to join when I got back. Then came back and before my final year fucked it up!

    Short story is... Having been away for that year I went on a weeks break with my brother to Prague to drink, eat and catch up. On a night out with a bunch of people from our hostel we got seperated, I ended up walking back alone, and got mugged. STUPIDLY, I fought back. Broke 2 metacarpels, my nose, cracked ribs, split eye, lots of blood on me. No one would help me, so wandered around until I found a main road, thought I would cause an obstruction so eventually the police would get called and would help me. A car stopped, reversed back, then tried to drive OVER me. I jumped on car as it did, ranted and shouted at driver, police arrive shortly.

    Four days in detention center later, I end up in court, judge says because of the nature of my injuries and the fact I can't prove I was mugged the likelihood is I was in a bar fight and had made up the story. Hits me with 6month suspended prison and deportation. Criminal Record for 7 years. (Had the right to appeal, but would have involved me staying in Czech Republic, in prison, with no new evidence.... decided against it)

    So.... it's 5 and a half years later (no further criminal incidents, and there were no prior criminal instances) and I have tried civvy life and done well (Currently the direct line manager for 140 people) but it's not satisfying.

    I wanted to be an officer, but know that ship has sailed now. The question I've to ask then is what chance I've got of joining Int Corps. as a soldier with my background? First ACIO wasn't even interested in discussing what had happened, just said it will be when record is spent. I'd still be within the age limits to join Int Corps, but would I be able to? If not, what would you suggest as an option?
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    Or self immolate and podcast it on here.
    Hope this helps.
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  3. I've ordered a suitable camera to help with this. Knew I could rely on finding rational help here.

    Thank you, Flagrantviolator.

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  4. No need to grovel, lad. Puts me off, as it does recruiters. You're welcome , all the same.
  5. They just decided that because of your injuries, you must've been in a bar fight, with no evidence to back it up what-so-ever? Forgive me for thinking this could well be a BS story.

    If not...damn unlucky pal.
  6. From your posts on the other thread you started with the same story, it would seem you were actually convicted of offenses against the car, the bar fight assumption was not part of the conviction but may have influenced sentencing. Either way, you are not innocent in that aspect of the story. I have no idea how this will affect your chnaces of getting in, I suspect it might be significant. What really confuses me is that you seem to be saying, again on the other thread, that you have a good job at which you excell. I would stick to that if I were you!
  7. Absolutely correct, conviction was for the damage to the car. I don't claim to be innocent, I'm guilty of doing that. Doing well at job sure, its just not something I want to be doing in the future so looking at my options now.2 threads as didn't know which forum would be best to post the query. Wish the story was BS. I ended up with no wallet or any money on me, which I thought would've helped my argument but the judge said that she believed I would've lost this in the bar fight (there was no bar fight). I'm sure a perception of british people in prague, and the fact there was a football game on that weekend, added context to them that wasn't accurate. But ultimately I did commit a crime, but I do think the sentence was extreme.
  8. Your going to get more sense out of the ACIO you spoke with who would of gone through this with you on a personnal basis face to face so why the hell discuss this on ARRSE with people who you have never met and most who haven't a clue what day it is never mind the contents on RI's, Int Corp Selection and the Rehabilitation of offenders Act 1974.
  9. Just wondering if anyone has any experience of a similar position and whether they could suggest a course of action I haven't considered
  10. Go to the Army Careers office and see what they have to say.
  11. Does that sort of thing show up on a UK criminal record?
  12. DD, even if it doesnt show up on a UK criminal record, failure to disclose it would be a bad thing. Also consider the context that this chap wants to join a part of the Army that will almost inevitably require stronger than normal levels of vetting.
  13. Ah, I didn't clock the int corps preference.

    My suggestion would have been that they may not ask about foreign criminal convictions, in which case I'd keep zip.
  14. Well I guess you have no criminal record in this country. Personally I wouldnt think it would be a massive problem, but then again I know **** all about recruitment and if it would effect you. Try speaking to a recruiter.
  15. I was charged with assault in the early eighties after repeatedly punching a bloke in a pub.

    To prevent (initial) capture from the police I did a runner and dived onto a metro train, kicked out the windows and urinated all around the carriages before anally raping a 17 year old male student.

    I was arrested and charged with lying on the not yet invented internet.