Criminal record and SC/DV

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by PerSecBrah, Dec 10, 2011.

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  1. Question for you chaps.

    This is genuinely a question for my brother, but he's sat here with me as we discuss this and I said "aha we'll ask ARRSE":

    he's currently a para and was thinking about trying out to become one of "them" would the fact he has a spent conviction bar him completely?

    When he was much younger he got a conviction for dealing which was spent by the time he got into the reg so didn't come up on his regular vetting and didn't need to be declared, however it will come up on an enhanced CRB, anyone have any idea if an offense over ten years ago would make it a no go for him?

    Also, if it came up and the army was then aware of it, would it cause him any problems, or as it is spent is it completely none of their business and as they wouldnt be aware of it under normal circumstances a complete non-issue?
  2. I've got DV and a conviction as do many of my colleagues, therefore not a problem. Even blades get into trouble occasionally albeit for more ally offences like kiddie *******.

    However since your "brother" is a dealer let him know he is a ****.
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  3. The bit the decision makers have a problem with is the FAILING TO DISCLOSE bit. Your brother should tell the whole truth, if it means not getting in, well, that's unlucky (but they will find out anyway and he won't get in). If he owns up and it doesn't matter then he will get in and his INTEGRITY will not be in question.

    I'm not an expert, I'm happy to be corrected, but I think that's the way it goes.
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  4. Don't really feel like getting into an argument over the arbitrary laws which make an off license perfectly legal and someone with an oz of a plant a criminal that's beside the point but yeah I frequently tell him he's a **** anyway but for other reasons....mainly him being a ****.

    And bluntslane he didn't need to disclose it to join the infantry, it was spent by the time he was 21, he'll obviously disclose it for them as it'd come up anyway.
  5. He may be ok. Tell him to fill the forms in truthfully, or you're onto a non-starter.
  6. Can your reformed drug dealing para brother type? Can he use a computer? I'm curious (I'm not really) as to why he hasn't set up his own account, and asked his own questions.

    This post was added to this thread by my 'mate'.
  7. Total honesty or just pack up and go home now.

    If they don't like it then that's an end to it. If you are not COMPLETELY honest in this process then you are a loser with immediate effect.
  8. I thought convictions for drug dealing barred entry to the Armed Forces?

    AFCO Form 5, para 15.

  9. Perhaps the law being that alcohol is legal and drugs aren't! I get the feeling you see no harm in your drug dealing rather than feeling remorse! Sorry I meant "your brother's" dealing!
  10. The impression I got on my DV interviews, was they don't give a **** about what you've done. If you've done something wrong and the Army hasn't fucked you off at the high port, he should be alright. As long as you declare everything and be totally honest it won't be an issue. The process is so some Chinese/Iranian/Russian/Whatever agent can't blackmail him into providing state secrets/restricted info, by using his past against him
  11. Oh and cos it was for dealing, he is, in fact, a ****