Criminal Record After MCTC.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by morky, Nov 5, 2006.

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  1. Hi, I am new to this website and just thought I'd ask if anybody could advise me on my criminal record situation. I was always told when I was in the Army that although I was convicted of wounding with malicious intent by a Military Courtmartial, I would have a clean record when I left the Forces as no civilian authorities were involved and I served a period of detention at the MCTC in Colchester and not a civilian prison.

    When I left the Army I found that I had GBH on my record. As my girlfreind and I have discussed emigrating to Western Australia in the future I was wondering if there is any way that I can have this removed from my record, or was I just stitched up and lied to by the Officers I spoke to at the time?


  2. [​IMG]

    Your record, a bit like herpes, is with you for life! When you apply to emmigrate they will do a criminal record check on you! Basically your fecked. Should teach you to not to go around wounding people methinks!
  3. Yep, you've got what you deserve. Anybody who inflicts that level of violence upon another is merely a hairs breadth from being a murderer.

    You weren't 'stitched up' as you claim (although your victim probably was). I hope the Aussies f*ck you off.
  4. Well I'm not too sure how you can come to that conclusion without knowing all of the facts of the case. The Judge actually said what I was really guilty of was over excessive self defence.

    But you obviously know more about it than me.


  5. Shame the Aussies will **** you off... this country doesn’t need c*nts that go round committing GBH or wounding innocent people. Neither does the Army for that matter.

    Controlled violence on the battlefield yes, but down town on the lash? nah. The ability to control and differentiate between the two is something that goes towards the making of a good soldier.

    Pity you didn’t think of that before eh? Good riddance.

    Edited by snapper to add....

    morky, I Posted while you were answering Biscuits so didnt see your reply, however my statement stands, it was written on the facts originally given... ie
    I really dont see how over excessive self defence relates to malicious intent. Intent being the key word.
  6. Oh dear. If you had told me that a decade ago I might have cared.

    Next time I send a load of football kits to a school in Siem Reap though, I'll tell them not to thank me because I am obviously a bad person because of something that happened when I was Eighteen.

    Thanks for your help.

  7. Nothing new there then!

    If you served for any length of time you would surely know that anyone will give you their opinion, seldom based on fact or knowledge.

    We don't have subject matter experts, just bluffers and people who can talk a good job.

  8. Snapper, they weren't my words mate. The person who my altercation was with didn't even want to press charges and admitted that it was his own fault. Fair play to him. Apparently RMP/SIB told him I was a racist and I had attacked black soldiers before and would do it again. That is why I hold no grudges with him and understand why he chose to press charges.

    The court martial decided that it was self defence on my part after being attacked, but I overstepped the line where self defence stops and aggressive violence begins. ''You can't headbutt somebody in self defence!''

    Anyway, that was in another life. I enjoy travelling now and have travelled extensively in South East Asia and Australia. I feel that my long term future is in that part of the World and I no longer feel at home in the UK.

    But if you want to sit there behind your PC and judge me as an evil person for getting into a fight with another squaddie wehn I was a kid, good luck to you.

    I'm going for my Sunday roast.

  9. You're obviously caring about it now ********.
  10. I doubt that very much.
  12. Thanks for that mate.

    What an intelligent, well constructed argument.

    You certainly got the better of me there.

    Sincere aplogies.

  13. I'm not your mate. I don't associate with thugs.
  14. I have no sympathy for you regarding the conviction but if it helps get you out of this country......

    Have you asked to see someone from an Oz Embassy or whatever they call them and discussed the situation as it concerns you personally. They might say it was just a little GBH and it was a long while ago. They might want your skills (other than bashing innocent people) enough to take you away from us. Hopefully....

    If all the aggro causes your gf to drop you - give her my name.
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