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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Gdsm87, Mar 15, 2012.

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  1. Just been informed today I'm subject to a misconduct and criminal investigation. There's nothing in it, but will most likely take months to be completed. Wondering if this is likely to prevent me rejoining until the investigation is complete? Obviously I'm going to speak to the careers office ASAP but was wondering if the iron or anyone else in the know could give me a heads up in the meantime?
  2. If there 'is nothing in it' why would it take months to get sorted? I suspect there is more to this.

    I'd find it astonishing, if you were allowed to proceed with any military application, with a criminal investigation hanging over your head.

    You've answered your own question, in that you should visit the ACIO, who will not judge you, but give you the facts as to your ongoing eligibility, and be honest with them. (Unlike here.)
  3. I will be going in this afternoon. The reason it will take so long is the unit conducting the investigation usually take at least a few months to complete investigations, and I'm not the only person under investigation regarding the incident, there is a whole team.
  4. Mate

    Do not, under any circumstances, discuss details of this case on here.

    I recommend that you delete the post.
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  5. Yeh, what he said. The best people to speak to are your own recruiters.
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  6. Spoil the fun, why don't you.
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  7. I just love the way this sites membership always assume guilt. There are plenty of occasions when an entirely innocent person is accused of something either maliciously or becuaesthey have the missfortune to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Police investigations can take time to gather evidence that allows them to conclude either that the individual is genuinely not guilty (because they find someone else to blame) or, less satisfactory, that there is insufficient evidence to prove guilt. Sometimes an innocent person gets dragged all the way through the process as far as trial before being found not guilty, all of which takes time.
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  8. It's not so much the assumption of guilt that is present when people advise to knock this sort of thread on the head. It is because any investigator worth his salt would utilise known or suspected contacts to gather pre interview intelligence to use under interrogation unless a no comment interview was ( unofficially) previously agreed. Three months to get to closure is not a long time. It can take years,especially in complex fraud cases or where many witnesses from different places orlong evidentialchains are needed There are lots of innocent investigated. A few are charged. It is rare that someone gets to court who is actualy innocent ( rather than legally innocent). When they do it is in grey circumstances like assaults betweenequally matched young men who have been mischarged withe assault rather than public order offences. Anyway.I would advise to leave your enquiries rethe offence itself to the relevant authorities with your own appropriate legal advice, i.e. asolicitor ifforanything other than a minor traffic offence.

    Apologies forthe grammar. Daughter'scomputer notworking in the keyboarddept.
  9. Ignore this. Spill the beans and let's see if we can knock an alibi up between us. In the mean time, go over your tracks and see what you can off before the monkeys tip up at your gaff. Have you got a brief? I know one or two that'll see you right.

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  11. Can't some of you get together and frame the one that you all dislike the most?
  12. "You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mentioned when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence"

    Revised Caution Code C Para 10.4

    PACE Code of Practice April 1995

    Now if you don't feel like taking Bushmills' quite sensible advice you crack on mate. Fair play, or what?
  13. tell us what you are being fitted up for?
    now it works for NOTW hacks but a bung in the right place may, may just help. if you want to go down this route it's used twenties in a brown envelope.
    no questions asked!!
  14. used to have a contact at the yard who could help you on this.
    not sure if haskins is still in the job or not?