Criminal genius pervert??

Am I alone in thinking there's a touch of the geeeeenius about this bloke?

Woman harassed online for three years by a mystery stalker... who turned out to be her boyfriend | Mail Online

He managed to stalk his own missus for 3 years, without her twigging that it was him, despite numerous naked phots of her appearing alles uber der tinterwebby thing (no...fuck off....i don't have links)!
Just HOW many naked phots did the trollop have floating about in space for her not to realise where they'd come from??

He has a touch of the squaddie I think!!
Well what do you expect he's from Clifton (which in the Biscuits household is referred to has "Pan land" because them what come from there all look like they've been smashed in the face with a frying pan)

by the way if you click on the mail page you can vote the comments up or down, so far a bunch of probably feminists have commented so I voted them down on principle.
This guy needs to apply for a Lottery Grant to build an underground lair, this is top notch loony evil genius country!!

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