Crimes the RMP didn't solve...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tiny_lewis, Jan 29, 2012.

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  1. ...and how they didn't solve them

    MiT - I think a quick recap over the TV would make a good starters for 10
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  2. This

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  3. Lets be honest its hardly the stuff of CSI shite, in the mob. No wonder half of them have problems finding thier own arsse with thier own hands..... waits for the incoming.....
  4. With people like our ARRSE friend Pandaplodder, is it any wonder the RMP is seen as a massive bunch of humourless monkey cunts?
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  5. I don't believe they ever discovered who knicked all the Tac signs for the GOC visit to Larkhill circa 1995. Rumours that they were lifted by a young REME tech were never proved or those that said the signs were rearranged around the bloke finally pointing to said Tech's bedspace.

    Feck me the CSM nearly popped a vein when I saw it though....!
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  6. I thought Pandaplopper was the very apex of investigative genius?
  7. The Great NAAFI Pie Machine caper of '84.
  8. Are you the dull jock monkey or is that the other BiscuitsAB?
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  9. I had the pleasure of being duty clerk in RHQ at in Sandhurst. When a visiting rugby team stolen the RMAS flag back in 2005, this was 3 minutes before I was due to take it down. Hence why when I broke the news to the Commandant of the academy, I was duly put on duty clerk for the next month courtesy AcSM.....

    The federalis never solved that fucker neither - which could have got me off the duties....... still a miscarriage of justice to this day........not that I really gave a a fuck about the flag.......moreover my lack of frequency that I could go down joe banana's and smash some hoop in... Useless fookers RMP....
  10. Wheres My Fucking Car keys!!!! Fucking rgj
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  11. This


    The useless pricks.
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  12. Errrrrrm. Young REME tech might have been a bit older REME Tech then and may well have been involved in that one too! (I take it it was SEAE that played the Academy that day or did it go missing twice?!)

    Shite, I better put Maddie in the safe house, Im owning up to far too much these days...
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  13. So your the cunt who got me the duties..........
  14. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    This could have been a much shorter, snappier thread if the OP had gone for Crimes the RMP did solve - and I don't mean the stitch-ups.
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