Crimes Against Food

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by R.D.D., Jan 21, 2013.

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  1. Settling down for what I thought was going to be a cracking steak with pepper sauce tonight (pretty much the food of the Gods), I had a nasty shock when it turned out the lunatics had put chilli in there too. Now call me fussy, that makes it a chilli sauce, and that does NOT go with steak. In my world.

    Now, am I being an idiot and that's what all the cool kids do, or am I just hopelessly behind the times?

    Any other major food crimes to look out for? Other than the obvious; Banana in fruit salad...
  2. Pineapple on pizza.
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  3. And with gammon.
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  4. A touch of chilli on steak would work wonders.

    For a Caribbean themed dinner I did once I served steak (ribeye) with banana, plum, mango and chilli sauce. It was lush and worked surprisingly well.
  5. Using gas powered BBQ's
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  6. Sounds good, but not with black pepper. I am still disappointed. I love pepper. Not chilli.
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  7. ******* beetroot in any shape or form.
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  8. Sprouts... Satan's Sweeties!
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  9. I put pepper in it.

    Ingredients were as follows if I remember correctly:

    pepper, cracked black
    butter and oil





    splash of white wine



    Double cream

  10. Cock.
  11. vin?
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  12. organic mung bean casserole.. as cooked by anarchosyndicalist lesbian wholefood collectives.
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  13. Usually before.
  14. dear me. your not supposed to enjoy EATING them..the pleasure comes in the gaseous aftereffects
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