Crimea: US ship sparks anti-NATO protests

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jun 1, 2006.

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  2. Let me see if I understand this, a ship with a cargo of building materials comes into port. Then a "Anti-NATO" demonstration begins because of cinder blocks? Donated at that? Hmm.... thats Logical. :roll:
  3. Probably got their own western style rent-a-protest.

  4. Cinder blocks?

    Indeed, according to Ukrainian laws, any presence of foreign troops on Ukrainian territory must be approved by the parliament. There was no such an approval toward American troops.

  5. Ah! They have condoms - so they must be planning to stay, and start a family! Sergey, it's too early in the day to start on the vodka..
  6. Not going to start too many families if they're using condoms :wink:
  7. That’s it; they are coming just to use your women. Wonder how many women would jump at the chance of hooking a yank for a new life in the “land of the free” with washing machines, Hollywood and all the other dreams.

    As for condoms, 4 week exercise in Demark and we were handing out boxes of 100.

    Lets play to the ignorant peasants and use half-truths. Did it not occur to any one that the US army has women in it and they may require the pregnancy test kits?
  8. Shall we bet money that these "anti-Nato" protesters were mostly ethnic Russians from Crimea and eastern Ukraine? I doubt there were many from Lvov attending! Is this the work of the KGB's successor?
  9. This article from the Kyiv Post makes it a bit clearer:

    (AP) Pro-Russian opposition parties on Tuesday railed against President Viktor Yushchenko's government for allowing a U.S. naval ship to enter a Ukrainian port, calling it a threat to the nation.

    The USS Advantage's arrival in the Crimean port of Feodosiya this weekend sparked protests and left the government scrambling to explain that it was coming as part of NATO's Partnership for Peace program and was only bringing equipment for exercises this summer in the Black Sea.

    Yushchenko wants this ex-Soviet republic to join NATO, but the military alliance remains deeply unpopular here, particularly in the largely Russian-speaking east and south.

    Or this article:

    The Sunday night protest was sparked by the arrival at the port of Feodosiya of the USS Advantage, which was to take part in an NATO-sponsored exercises this summer, Ukrainian naval spokesman Volodymyr Bova said, speaking by telephone from the Black Sea port of Sevastopol.

    Russia's NTV television showed several dozen local residents trying to prevent cargo trucks from unloading equipment from a ship, while others held banners reading "Russia is a Friend! NATO is the Enemy!" and accused NATO of trying to open a base on the Black Sea peninsula.
    Bova said the protesters were mostly supporters of a small radical pro-Russian party that fared poorly in March parliamentary elections, along with activists from the Party of the Regions, the election's top vote-getter and an opponent to Ukraine's integration with the alliance.
  10. Dear Virgil,

    Ta a bunch for that, me ole Septic China. Goes a long way to make more sense of the matter!

  11. Virgil!

    Majority in Crimea are ethnically Russians. The protesters are mainly locals. I suppose that there would be no problems in Lvov.
  12. Presuamably this law wasn't in affect during the years 1922-1991.
  13. I wonder who's using who. I dated a few Russian and Ukranian women when I lived in Kyiv and St. Pete's. Damn, if they aren't the most beautiful women in the world, smart as whips and know exactly what they want. You will find very few single male Americans or Brits for that matter living in big expat communities in Moscow.

    There's a joke one female Russian friend of mine told me. Two young Russian woman are talking and one says "I'd like to marry the man I fall in love with". The other turns to her and says "I will too if I can't find anyone better".
  14. we really do not care, Tovarich.