crime rate to rise in the UK... but will this affect it?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jason_2000x, Dec 24, 2006.

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  1. if people know that there wont be enough spaces in prisons, wouldn't this make them more likely to commit a criminal offence?

    I know it’s the job of the news channels to report on subjects like this, but isn’t it a bit irresponsible for sky to publish this report as it could be a threat to our countries security?

    They say there is going to he a rise in crime, but now that they know there wont be enough space in prison wouldn’t the rate of crime rise faster and higher because of this leaked report?
  2. Of course there will be a rise in crime so long as we keep on importing criminals from third world countries.
  3. as there is mention of Prescribing Heroin to addicts in Switzerland, will I also get me fags free as I am addicted to them? :D
  4. Not until cigarette smokers turn into the scum of society like smack heads.
  5. ****ing smackheads should be ****ing shot!!!
  6. Fookin sh1te..rise in crime my arrse. of course the reported levels are going up cause the w@nker courts arent sentencing the crims properly.Dont be fooled this is just another way of trying to kidd the public that crims should nt be jailed.........sh1te , thats why every single one of them is sh1t scared of being sent down to do a term of detention... lets follow the yanks on this one and send the fcukers down BIG time for the crimes they commit and then they wont be free to cause us misery.......
  7. I've just started another very depressing but excellent book called 'Wasting Police Time', written by a serving copper and describing exactly what's wrong with the criminal justice system in the UK.
  8. A total of 3000 new criminal offences have been created since 1997. If crime levels are to rise over the next decade it will be in consequence of the Government's prediliction for punitive legislative reform in almost every single aspect of human behavour.
  9. Don't forget the rationing of the demon drink as well lads. Blue Sky thinking I think's the buzz word. I wonder if that will consider bring back the Birch?
  10. Does he mention lazy Policemen at any point in this book?
  11. Very odd man that Mr Brown. If there is a predicted rise in the need for prison spaces, then the obvious solution would be to create more spaces. Oh Wait, he cites cost as a hindrance.

    Why not institute hot bedding then? 12 hour on, 12 hour off. Everyone wins.

    And I see no reason why it takes 33000+/yr to house a prisoner. Absolute BS.

    IIRC, there are 3 main reasons for punishing criminals: Public protection, Deterrence (Individual and general) and rehabilitation.

    Clearly, Public protection should be the number one priority, perhaps followed in equal parts by deterrence and rehabilitation.

    IMO, a policy which will result in criminals not being put in jail will not seat well with the aim of public protection; They are imo mutually exclusive concepts. In summary, the solution is to build more jails, to increase the deterrence factor, and to increase rehabilitation.

    Easy peasy.
  12. the obvious answer to Daily Hate reader's and those that write leaders to the Ed' signing off as "Yours Disgusted, of Tonbridge Wells" perhaps....

    but better to have some proactive thinking rather than reactive thinking... address the root causes of crime rather than a lame attempt at a sticking plaster over the symptoms.

    and stop locking people up for offences that do not merit a custodial sentence just in an effort to look 'tough on crime' for a knee-jerk public fan base.

    come up with a working criminal justice system that will actually work in the long run, although initially unpalatable to the likes of Disgusted of Tonbridge Wells.

    the answer most certainly is not more prison places and a unimaginative call for a return to a Victorian bread & water regime.

    PS:- Scabster - this wasnt intended as a 'dig' at yourself, merely using your quote about more prison places as a start line.
  13. You've read the newspaper report on the leaked document, you have read the comments upon the newspaper report now read the policy document itself:

    It comes in two parts. Here is the second part:

    Once you have taken the time to actually read it with an open mind, go back and read the newspaper report again.

    You now begin to understand a little about the public perception of crime and how that perception is manipulated by the Press and having been manipulated, the government transform perception into policy and then into legislation.

    Some difficult questions raised on crime and social cohesion. I suspect that the answers will be as equally difficult to address effectively.

    Regards and all the best
  14. PJ, was it a white Christmas on the planet where you live?

    The vast majority of people in jail are there for one simple reason - because they are SCUM. Because they are too lazy, cowardly, stupid etc to work for a living nd contribute to society. They are parasites who want everything for nothing. They deserve nothing but contempt.

    Born on a sink estate? Daddy abused you? Mum's a junkie whore? You're addicted to crack? Sorry, I don't give a fcuk. Obey the law, or suffer the consequences. And the emphasis should be on SUFFER.

    I want jails so brutal they make a septic SuperMax look like that 7 Star hotel in Abui Dhabi. I want prison to be such a terrifying experiance the few who come out alive would rather commit suicide than commit another crime.

    I don't want them rehabilatated. I want them BROKEN.

    I want a police service that dumps the "policing by conscent" garbage and tries SUB-zero tolerance for a change. I want the type of street monster who will club a Ned like a baby seal - then nick what's left for Bleeding with Intent.

    A police service with enough numbers,weapons and powers they make Judge Dread or Robocop look like Guardian-reading, vegitarian members of the Bill Oddie Appreciation Society..

    And guess what, Pompey? there are a lot of people like me; we pay our taxes, obey the Law, contribute to society. And then. every day, we read our papers or watch the news. And see the county we love fall apart.

    We have to watch while inbred, sub-human, worthless scum sell drugs, shoot or stab coppers, kidnap and rape women or children, batter OAPs for the price of a fix...and get away with it.

    They get away with it because our so-called leaders are cowards and whores. They get away with it because our judges are senile old farts. They get away with it because most senior coppers are little better than out-reach workers in uniform, who want to hug the criminals and feel their pain. While the beat cops, who do the real work, are outnumbered and, all to often, outgunned as well.

    And that, more than any other reason, is why Far Right sociopaths like Nick Griffen are gaining power. Bcause the "system" is FUBAR and people who would'nt normally touch the BNP with a 10-foot pole suddenly find themselves with noone they can trust or believe in.

    Here endeth the lesson.

  15. by any chance do you live in Tonbridge Wells and use the nom de plume "Disgusted"..?

    you seem to fit the bill.