Crime & Punishment; Caubeen and Flash

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by armchair_jihad, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. Given the fun and games this weekend with the outing of Caubeen I have been pondering the place of natural Justice in the ARRSE Judicial system. Is the O2 tag too generalised a punishment? Are some crimes worse than others?

    An example, Flash MK 1 may carry a O2 tag but nobody would ever accuse him of being a Walt.

    Somebody may redeem themselves and lose a O2 tag, but one could never lose the stigma of WALT or the public health warning of TROLL. This may also help newcomers in site discipline.

    After all what’s the point of leaving miscreants hanging at the crossroads unless the placard around their necks is specific as to their crimes?

    I propose that Good CO, Bad CO and MODs consider introducing two more punishment tags,

    1, the most heinous of all: WALT

    2, the specific public health warning: TROLL

    I hope that this suggestion finds favour

  2. Sound like a plan!!!! But some on this site could have multiple Punishment Tags........ Is this possible??? :threaten:
  3. Having a "tag" in your avatar is like having an ASBO, no one takes any notice.
  4. But then, might it not go the way of ASBO's.
    Meaning that banners such as Troll may become some sort of prize?

    The way some people have been waffling on lately, you would think that was the case allready :D
  5. I suppose you could end up a Tralt?
  6. Or perhaps merely a tw@t :D
  7. Great idea.
  8. I have not been on the website for quite some time, what is the score surrounding the Caubeen threads?
  9. Jeez don't you start.......check 'one for Irish' about page 80 then anything with caubeen in the title
  10. Cheers pal!
  11. Joker is another necessary medal bar so that we can enjoy the nonsense of the likes of Chimpy without them getting barred. A lot of people seem to have disappeared lately.
  12. It's the arrse triangle, even whole squadrons of planes and ships have dissapeared when they enter the arrse. Mere mortals stand no chance once the arrse starts to flex. :)
  13. How about just having one tag saying: "I'm a cunt"?

  14. I am sure I will be shot at dawn over this post!!!!

    I have been away in Canada for the past 3 weeks so missed all the fun!

    Caubeen postings were banter and harmless..."what I have seen", perhaps he should have been the editor of the Beano or Dandy!

    In any event he has done no just have to sift between the wheat and the with a lot of posts on ARRSE!!!!
  15. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    i would say troll is more heinous than walt. The latter you could at least put down to mental illness....